Mr Tarun Bakshi

The Scindia School believes in nurturing the students and inculcating the Scindian ethos so that they ‘carry the bold imprint of this institution’ in their life as well as in their conduct. As an institution, we take pride in the success and recognition of the partakers and acknowledge such alumni, who have proved themselves to be exceptions in not only their chosen field of occupation but also in serving the society and contributing meaningfully to it. Mr Tarun Bakshi, a technocrat and an entrepreneur, is one such accomplished person.
Mr Tarun Bakshi entered the portals of The Scindia School in the year 1962 and joined the Chaitanya House in Grade IX. The time he spent in The Scindia School left an indelible and enriching mark on his personality. He excelled in studies and passionately represented his House in the field of Sports as well. He completed his graduation from Hindu College and then moved on to do Chemical Engineering.
In his initial days of work, he spent a year with NIPHA Exports, Kolkata, after which he relocated to the United States of America and worked with the Impulse-Montana trading company for the next three years. Mr Tarun Bakshi founded Triburg, which is the largest apparel-buying agency in the Indian-subcontinent. It is the only company in India providing sourcing and technical services for the complete range of apparel products and accessories.
While growing leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur, Mr Bakshi simultaneously emerged as an authentic embodiment of the Scindian value of ‘Service Before Self’. He encapsulates this spirit in the working of his company as well, hence Triburg has donated 4.7 crores to a charitable trust, which provides education to over 7500 children in 9 slums in New Delhi along with health care and infant day-care facilities. He also runs schools for the needy and the underprivileged. Mr Tarun Bakshi derives his inspiration from the selfless devotion of Mother Teresa to transform lives.
His friends and colleagues describe Mr Bakshi as “An excellent man manager who gives enough space to professionals to grow. He is down to earth and is a genuine person, who prefers to remain low-key and contributes heavily towards the education and health of the under-privileged.”
Mr Tarun Bakshi, is thus a persona, who is dedicated to serve people with uninterrupted conviction. His generous heart and fierce determination is the driving force that has led him to achieve his vision in life. The Scindia School takes pride in acknowledging such a spirit of enterprise, infused with a sense of service, in a man who has become the epitome of the values inculcated at the school. The Scindia School confers on Mr Tarun Bakshi, the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of eminence, for the year 2019.