21 October 2015 Edition of School Review

Every nook and corner of the Fort is looking beautiful with aesthetically manicured fields and gardens. The cleaning drive too has been in full swing since the last three weeks and everything looks tickety-boo. At the entrance of the Urwai-ghati, Bougainvillea is in full bloom, ready to welcome the Scindian fraternity on the Founder’s Day. As we are approaching Dussehra, evenings are becoming pleasant with cool breeze sweeping across this ancient citadel. Architecturally speaking, the Shukla Memorial Open Air Theatre’s new design is looking Top-Of-The-Line. And the School’s Academic Block is looking bright with all the stones having been cleaned and polished. Unfortunately, the fishes at the Suraj Kund were dying due to lack of oxygen in the water. The School took it upon itself to save their lives by creating several artificial fountains to dissolve oxygen in the water. It turned out to be quite successful.