‘Technacks’ at MGD, Jaipur

A group of six students participated in an IT event ‘Technacks’ at MGD, Jaipur from 6th to 7th August 2019.

The Participants are:

  1. Memoy Mishra
  2. Toshan Aggarwal
  3. Pranav Wadhwa
  4. Satwik Goyal
  5. Vishnudeep Tyagi
  6. Vedanga Nag

Individual positions are as follows-

Event Participants Positions
Web Studio Memoy Mishra 1st Position
Vedanga nag
Digital Cartoon Making Satwik Goyal 1st Position
Movie Making Vedanga Nag 1st Position
Vishnudeep Tyagi
Multimedia Presentation Pranav Wadhwa 2nd Position
Toshan Aggarwal

Our school won the overall trophy for the event.