Taking from the Pied piper of Hamelin the theme of First creative Eye film festival held at Assam Valley School was the RAT RACE.

Five schools participated in the event from 5-11 November 2014. The festival started with workshop on script writing and cinematography conducted by Mr. Moji Riba a renowned documentary film maker.

Each school had seven participants from class 9 to 12.

Following students from The Scindia School participated in the Film Festival.

Yohen Thounjagam

Mriganka Ghosh

Kabir Saund

Kushagra Kaushik

Nirmit Vikamsay

Snehil Tripathi

Hrithik Malhotra

These seven wonders of the School scripted the film titled SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. These students impressed the jury with a fine display of their talent. The short film of 10 minutes won the Best film and the award for Best Director was won by Yohen who dealt with the theme in a professional manner.

The story centredaround the Rat Race amongst the students to excel and the price they pay for it

As the Teacher in charge of Electronic Media Club I felt exalted by their performance and I am sure this achievement would encourage other students to take Film making seriously.