The school endeavours to make students self-reliant and independent. The school values the interaction between the family and the child, but also needs to place some restrictions so that a student seamlessly learns to deal with issues himself and develops faith in the system.

General Rules:

  1. Within the first month of admission, the school does not allow any telephonic communication with the parents, or a visits by parents, as the school believe this hampers the process of settling in. Thereafter every month, the students are allowed to make four phone calls home and send a weekly email to their parents.
  2. The parents may meet the child on the campus once a month on a Sunday or on the child’s birthday.
  3. The Resident Medical Officer keeps the parents informed in case a child is unwell.
  4. The parents are welcome to call and communicate with the Housemaster/ Resident Tutor following a time slot arranged with them.
  5. A student is allowed a family leave of five days in an academic year. The duration includes the travel time and it cannot be split into more than one such outing.
  6. Apart from the Summer and Winter Breaks, the school gives one Mid-Term Break in each term.