Cross Country

The Cross-Country race is a much-awaited annual event of our Sports Calendar. The entire school and many a times, a few members of the faculty participate in it. The race is conducted at three levels: Junior Houses, Senior Houses Group A (Classes X-XII) and Senior Houses Group B (Classes VIII & IX). The boys are made to practice for almost two months, prior to the race, to prepare their minds and bodies for the rigours of the turf. On the final day, the boys of the Junior Houses cover a distance of 1km, Senior Houses Group B cover a distance of 2 kms and Senior Houses Group A, a distance of approximately 4 kms. The race begins and culminates at the Oval Field. The running commentary keeps them charged and updated about the previous records, which they dream to break.

The course takes the boys through a path of varying gradients, all around the beautiful Fort wall getting a glimpse of the city down below. They cross through all major attractions like the Taals and the Imli, Ber trees as well. The entire race is filmed with cameras placed at various strategic locations.

Due care is taken to provide all facilities to our runners. The Health Center staff is available at the starting point and an ambulance follows the boys to provide all necessary assistance in case of any exigencies. Water is provided at regular intervals to ensure that the boys remain hydrated. Teachers remain stationed at different points along the route to cheer the boys and to ensure proper adherence to the prescribed route. The marshals on horseback who led the runners and also follow the last boy provide grandeur to the event. There are also marshals on motorcycles who ride all along the route.

The scoring is done through a point system on the basis of timing. There are 10 blocks, each remaining open for certain duration and carrying a certain number of points. Despite the fiercely competitive nature of the event, it is quite common to see boys rise above their house loyalties and cheer for the outstanding athletes. There are three trophies for the senior Houses: A Group Trophy, B Group Trophy and an overall Trophy – The Smt. Prakash Kaur Bakshi Memorial Trophy. There is also one overall trophy for the Junior Houses.