Education must be inclusive, it cannot and should not be limited to a certain set of individuals based on a specific template or our prejudice for that matter. Everyone has his own unique style of learning, therefore at Scindia we do not look at especially abled children through the lens of disability. The presence of two full-time special needs educators and a career counsellor ensure that these children receive the right support at the right time, and are able to identify rewarding avenues that can be pursued in future.

Additionally, the school also provides a variety of tools, as part of the inclusive set-up:

  1. Parallel teaching for Mathematics at the Middle School level
  2. Alternative choices in subjects as per CBSE curriculum
  3. A reader for special needs children during exams
  4. Specialized teaching aids and equipment
  5. Specially designed Individual Education Programmes (IEPs) including a large portion of phonetics to overcome the basic issues faced by the students in reading and writing

The progress of students and the success of strategies are monitored throughout the year. Detailed evaluation and befitting remediation are done if it is felt that a child may need additional guidance. Such initiatives of the School ensure that the differently abled children become a part of the mainstream society and lead a fulfilling, content and dignified life.


Our School Psychologist plays an unobtrusive but important role in supporting the diverse needs of the students. The Behaviour Counsellor as well as the team of Housemasters, Resident Tutors and Matrons work together with the students, teachers, parents and school administration to ensure that the students learn and are equipped with the skills to lead a productive and responsible life. The Pastoral Care team works hand in hand with the School Psychologist.