best residential schools in india for boys The Archery set functions for 90 minutes every day, including 30 minutes of exercise and balancing with dry shoots, dry balancing, breathing exercises, and warm up, and the balance 60 minutes for the dedicated training session.

Three bows for three stages of training are used- Indian bamboo bow for basic training, Indian bow with 125 fgs drawn power for secondary one-hand balancing and lastly fiber glass Recurve bow for the final stage, which is also used in national and International competitions.

The school has a part time coach who trains the boys in archery techniques that improve their accuracy in the field and at the range. Since the sport is physically and mentally demanding, the archers train in pranayams and breathing exercises, and undergo physical activity specific to archery to increase strength and endurance. In addition to teaching the correct posture, techniques for drawing the bow, anchoring, aiming etc. are also provided to the budding Eklavyas. The best safety equipment like arm-guards, chest-guards and finger-tabs are used to prevent injury.

The school Archery set comprises 30 students. The sport is pursued at three levels; Junior Houses and Senior Houses Groups A and B. The boys also take part in District, Division, State and National level tournaments. They also represent the school at Interschool and Open tournaments.
Ms Kirti Srivastav
Ms Kirti Srivastava
Mr Arwind Tomar