Student Life

As dawn breaks, our young Scindians rise to the sound of the bugle. Washed and scrubbed, it is time for a half hour of fitness programme and then Dress Inspection by the Prefects, and on to a nourishing breakfast.

A short walk after breakfast takes the boys to the impressive Seksaria Hall where the morning assembly, conducted by the Principal, the Faculty or the students, sets the tone for the school day. Thereafter, our young scholars attend classes and absorb theorems and theories, work their hands with practicals, and their minds with humanities and languages. A short break comes at Recess around mid-morning when the students rush out in the open and enjoy some snacks they fondly call ‘Nihari’. With a break for a wholesome lunch in the Central Dining Hall, the afternoon hours, again depending upon the season of the year, see more classes and a rest period in the dormitory.

The late afternoon is filled with the cheerful voices of the students and sounds of whistles as our bright scholars change gear into champion athletes. The range of activities in some stunning playfields develop skills and fitness and bonding and sportsmanship. Physically exercised and mentally invigorated, the young Scindians will now shower and change into crisp white kurta pyjamas.
They head to Astachal with the call of the bugle for a five minute period of silence for reflection and meditation, looking across the Fort into the setting sun, with the tall statue of the Mahatma silhouetted against the sky, an experience which defies description, and stays with every Scindian for the rest of his life.

Astachal is followed by Evening Prep’ where the Scindians again turn to their books before the Evening Dinner. After dinner is about an hour of fun-time, where Scindians chat or play indoor games or tune into music or watch the television in their common rooms. An hour and a half of Night Prep’ follows. Then comes the time for lights out and a deep night’s sleep in the restful silence of the Gwalior Fort.

Saturday nights may catch the young boys enjoying a movie in the Shukla Memorial open-air theatre or in the assembly hall, and Sundays are a time for leisure, cafeteria and play and long walks across unexplored paths. The range of activities in The Scindia School are vast and varied, and this description provides but a flavour.