Chairman, Board Of Governors (1945 - 2001)
The sudden and untimely demise of Shri Madhavrao Scindia left the entire country shocked and grieving. This tragic and irreparable loss created a void that would be impossible to fill for generations to come.

The dashing and youthful “Maharaj”, a scion of the royal family of Gwalior, was a man who stood apart from the rest. His suave, articulate, lively personality and youthful face will be remembered by all Indians, and Scindians in particular, whose lives he touched both as a fellow student and Chairman – Board of Governors.

He was the leading light of his generation; a dynamic young leader with visionary zeal and enthusiasm. Also, an individual who provided the much-needed impetus to the modernization of The Scindia School and SOBA.

He crafted a new dynamism in all that he undertook and was a frontline leader of our country.

He was also a people person in every sense and devoted his life to their welfare and upliftment. Media-savvy, a lover of sports, art and culture with an elite educational background. His candor and sense of humor was incomparable.

He will always be remembered as a dedicated and charismatic individual who was linked to one and all. Shri Madhavrao Scindia was a combination of all the virtues which are rare in one man. The country has forever lost an affable and sagacious man of the masses.
H.H. Madhavrao J Scindia