In-School Services

The entire school community leads productive, safe, comfortable, and fulfilling lives, bed rocked upon an in-school services eco-system, developed and refined over the decades. These services are continually updated and improved. Inputs and feedback from students form an important source for planning and executing these changes.

The Tuck Shop, Clothing Store and the Stationery Store, the Library, the Medical Store, the Telephone Booth, accounts, tracking of hobbies, awards, attendance, content delivery through model classrooms – are but some of the incredible areas which all ride on technology. As indeed are technology-based learning avenues like videography, video editing, photography and website design. The F G Pearce Library has a massive and constantly expanding collection of over 10,000 books. The library has an open shelf system with computer aided access and retrieval. The doors of the F G Pearce Library remain open even on Sundays, in the service of the schoolboys.

IT Facilities
Medical Facilities
School Shops
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