Dr Punit Boolchand

The Scindia School aspires to nurture scholars with a quest for self-exploration and societal development, imbued with courage, conviction, and confidence. Dr Punit Boolchand‘s life is an impressive timeline of these attributes spread across all his endeavors. He currently holds the coveted title of Distinguished University Research Professor of STEMM at the University of Cincinnati since 2017. STEMM title emerged from an annual competition held at UC across the faculty in the disciplines of Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine. It is the highest Research recognition the University bestows on a faculty member.

Dr Boolchand joined the school in 1954 in Jayaji House and spent 07 years on campus. While in school, he was the House Prefect, and in 1961, was awarded the President’s Medal for the best boy in Academics by Dr S Radhakrishnan on Founder’s Day.

He completed his M.S. (Physics) from Punjab University, Chandigarh in 1965 and then left for the US for further studies. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Case-Western Reserve University in 1969. He joined the University of Cincinnati (UC) the same year as a full-time faculty member in the Department of Physics. Over the past 52 years at UC, he has distinguished himself with a remarkable professional career in Condensed Matter Physics, with expertise in Materials Science, and has generated an impressive body of original research work widely published and recognized.

He pioneered work on Topological Phases of Network Glasses in identifying their molecular structure origin. He is recognized for the discovery of a new phase of disordered condensed matter, titled, ‘The Intermediate Phase’ which is widely documented in the archival literature as the ‘Boolchand Intermediate Phase’. This led to the prestigious Stanford Ovshinsky Award to Dr Boolchand in 2003.  The theory has revolutionized glass science and technology, leading to the development of ‘Gorilla Glass’, which is used extensively in the audiovisual instrument industry such as flat screen televisions and smart mobile phones, to name a few. He was also nominated for the Oliver Buckley Prize, considered the American equivalent of the Physics Nobel Prize. Nevertheless, he has received several other awards of the same stature.

We are honored and privileged to have him amongst us this evening as a stellar example of the ideals of scholarship, exquisite precision, and experimental innovation. Needless to mention, Mr J L Dar would have been very proud of the achievements of a boy whom he taught physics 60 years ago at The Scindia School!

The Scindia School feels honored to confer the prestigious Madhav Award on Dr Punit Boolchand   for the year 2021 for his unflinching commitment, outstanding achievements, and enormous contribution in the field of research.

Mr F G Pearce

Mr. F. G Pearce, better known as Mahatteya among his colleagues in the schools he worked, was a man of distinct goodness and sincerity. He helped Scindia School sprint in the path of progress when he it was just taking baby steps.

Being an Oxfordian and a person who had a penchant for public schools, Mr. Pearce gave Scindia a healthy Indian background to grow on. He was responsible for laying the foundations of a culture that is better known as “Scindian” to this day. Stories and incidents of him and his tenure at the school are till date legendary anecdotes that echo in the chambers and the corridors of the school and the barracks.

Mr Sanjiv Saraf

It gives us great delight and a sense of contentment to honor an Old Boy whose vision as an entrepreneur is not limited to the growth and valuation of his worldly assets; rather it extends to cultural, social, and educational aspects of community development with a spiritual sweep in everything he does.
Mr. Sanjiv Saraf studied at The Scindia School from 1969 — 75. Thereafter, he completed his bachelor’s degree from the IlT, Kharagpur. In 1984, he ventured out on his own to establish Polyplex Corporation Limited. It is currently one of the world’s largest producers of PET films with manufacturing plants in India, Thailand, and Turkey with markets across the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and Australia.
His ability to take responsibility and to innovate is admirable. He is the Chairperson of two companies – SSIPL Retail Limited & the Polyplex Group and occupies a seat as a Director at a total of 18 companies. His entrepreneurial spirit continued to manifest, and he established Manupatra, which is now India’s foremost legal information provider. He also forayed in renewable energy and launched hydroelectric power projects in the states of Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim. A humanist at heart, he ensures that the best possible resources are available to the company’s non-profit school with more than 1200 students.
Along with his professional engagements, he started learning the Urdu script at the age of 53 and soon realized that with little digital presence, the aura of Urdu language was depleting. He decided to preserve Urdu Zubaan along with its unique socio-cultural and literary ambience. He also decided to make the language accessible to the world at large. His brainchild, Rekhta Foundation, established in 2012 created an all-new ecosystem for the Urdu language as if introducing a new continent into literature. Rekhta Foundation has digitized more than 50,000 e-books which are now available online. Rekhta has taken Urdu Zubaan to various geographies through events like Jashn-e-Rekhta, Rang-e-Rekhta, and Shaam-e-Rekhta which have furthered the horizons of the ambitious initiative. Aamozish, and the series — Ghazal Usne Chhedi, Harf-e-Taaza, and Numaainda Kalaam, have shaped Rekhta into an oeuvre of great luminosity.
For his exceptional service to one of the finest languages of the world, he has been felicitated with the Nai Duniya: Farogh-e-Urdu Award; Delhi Urdu Academy Award, and the Sir Syed Excellence Award from the Aligarh Muslim University. These awards reflect the alluring aroma of literary-inspired fragrances that he has manifested through Rekhta.
We take pride in his journey, accomplishments, and for his service to Urdu Zubaan.
The Scindia School confers on Mr. Sanjiv Saraf, the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2020 for his outstanding work through Rekhta Foundation, wherein he has explored the linguistic ingenuity at both the periphery and specificity of human creativity; and for his enormous contribution as a business leader. To sum up, for his effort to catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos.

Mr K C Shukla

Serving the longest tenure as a principal at The Scindia School spanning over two decades, Padamshri Mr. K.C. Shukla was a disciplinarian, academician, a pioneer and everyone’s friend.

During his long career, Mr. Shukla literally changed the look of the school. He was responsible for adding the main cricket pavilion, the school hospital, the Sakseria Hall, Social Welfare Centre etc to the school. It was during his tenure, that the Gaddi barracks and Gun Barracks were acquired from the possession of the government and added to the school campus. A man of great instinct and vigour, Mr. Shukla is fondly remembered as one of the strong pillars the school stands on today.

Mr Tarun Bakshi

The Scindia School believes in nurturing the students and inculcating the Scindian ethos so that they ‘carry the bold imprint of this institution’ in their life as well as in their conduct. As an institution, we take pride in the success and recognition of the partakers and acknowledge such alumni, who have proved themselves to be exceptions in not only their chosen field of occupation but also in serving the society and contributing meaningfully to it. Mr Tarun Bakshi, a technocrat and an entrepreneur, is one such accomplished person.
Mr Tarun Bakshi entered the portals of The Scindia School in the year 1962 and joined the Chaitanya House in Grade IX. The time he spent in The Scindia School left an indelible and enriching mark on his personality. He excelled in studies and passionately represented his House in the field of Sports as well. He completed his graduation from Hindu College and then moved on to do Chemical Engineering.
In his initial days of work, he spent a year with NIPHA Exports, Kolkata, after which he relocated to the United States of America and worked with the Impulse-Montana trading company for the next three years. Mr Tarun Bakshi founded Triburg, which is the largest apparel-buying agency in the Indian-subcontinent. It is the only company in India providing sourcing and technical services for the complete range of apparel products and accessories.
While growing leaps and bounds as an entrepreneur, Mr Bakshi simultaneously emerged as an authentic embodiment of the Scindian value of ‘Service Before Self’. He encapsulates this spirit in the working of his company as well, hence Triburg has donated 4.7 crores to a charitable trust, which provides education to over 7500 children in 9 slums in New Delhi along with health care and infant day-care facilities. He also runs schools for the needy and the underprivileged. Mr Tarun Bakshi derives his inspiration from the selfless devotion of Mother Teresa to transform lives.
His friends and colleagues describe Mr Bakshi as “An excellent man manager who gives enough space to professionals to grow. He is down to earth and is a genuine person, who prefers to remain low-key and contributes heavily towards the education and health of the under-privileged.”
Mr Tarun Bakshi, is thus a persona, who is dedicated to serve people with uninterrupted conviction. His generous heart and fierce determination is the driving force that has led him to achieve his vision in life. The Scindia School takes pride in acknowledging such a spirit of enterprise, infused with a sense of service, in a man who has become the epitome of the values inculcated at the school. The Scindia School confers on Mr Tarun Bakshi, the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of eminence, for the year 2019.

Mr J L Dar

Mr. J.L.Dar or JLD as he was popularly known to teachers and students was a man of grandeur. As on of the earlier principals of the school, Mr. Dar was also responsible for adding a whole bunch of structures to the school. And these projects were usually stuff of much fanfare. Known to be an energetic man, he would tend to his principal duties and take classes during the day and get other things running through the evenings.

JLD was a good teacher, well read, well versed but his greatest strength lay in being involved in the growth of students on a personal basis. He was ambitious; one of his visions yet to be fulfilled is the school to have its own observatory on top of the Kutia Mahal.

Mr Pradeep S Mehta

An institution’s pride lies in the elevation of the status and constant success of the people who called it home once and still do. We at The Scindia School have been constantly cultivating a spirit of enterprise and sound intellect, infused with a sense of service in every Scindian for the last 121 years, because we realize that their prosperity and growth is integral to ours. Acknowledging such alumni, who prove to be exceptions among the kinds, has been a tradition for the School. Belonging to the same legacy is Mr Pradeep S Mehta, a consumer activist par excellence who has carved an extraordinary niche for himself as a global thought leader.
His achievements during School undoubtedly contributed to the shaping of his multifaceted personality. After leaving School, he graduated in commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta and further enhanced his education through a spectrum of courses in Business, Law, Marketing and Management.
In the early 1980s, he founded CUTS – Consumer Unity & Trust Society and launched a Hindi monthly newspaper known as Gram Gadar, which served as a mouthpiece that helped the poor understand the government schemes vis-à-vis their social and economic relevance. CUTS has focussed on consumer protection, economic policy, competition law, human development and social change. Mr Mehta has walked that extra mile to empathize with the marginalized communities not only in the developing countries but also in developed countries such as the USA. CUTS has grown into a global organisation with a widespread reach in over 13 countries including United States, Switzerland, Zambia, Kenya and Vietnam.

Noted trade economist Prof Jagdish Bhagwati wrote in 2008 – “Not just for India, but for developing countries and indeed for the world, he is what the Japanese call – A Living Treasure”.

Currently he is the Secretary General and Treasurer of CUTS; Chairman of the Advisory Board of South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics & Environment and the Co-Chairman of the International Network of Civil Society Organization on Competition. In addition, he has published over 1500 articles in reputed newspapers and magazines to mobilise public opinion on issues that are close to his heart.

The Scindia School takes pride in Mr Mehta’s stellar contribution in the field of Consumer Activism and confers on Mr Pradeep S Mehta the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2018. His life is both an extension and expression of the education that he imbibed at The Scindia School.

Mr Hitendra Ghosh

The Scindia School aspires to afford the best references and stimulants for the receptive heart and mind of each student, so that the inherent splendour of each Scindian can gently waft on its own throughout his life.Today we honour one such maestro of the Indian Cinema, a man of immense creativity and talent, the nationally acclaimed Sound Designer and Recordist – Mr Hitendra Ghosh.
Hitendra Ghosh graduated from The Scindia School, Ravindra House, in 1967. In the commendation letter given by the then Principal, Mr J L Dar, it is mentioned that music was his hobby and that he was a member of the school choir and orchestra. Besides music, he was keenly interested in sports and was also a cadet in the Junior Division of the NCC Air Wing Troop.
After school, he completed a Diploma in Cinema from the Film & Television Institute of India, Pune in 1974. He chose Creative Sound Designing and Recording for cinema as his profession, where he built a stellar reputation for himself over a career spanning 40 years. His larger-than-life contribution in the above field can be gauged by the fact that he holds the unique distinction of sound-editing 3500 films, the highest by any individual in the world.
He earned the National Film Award for Best Audiography on three occasions – in 1979 for Junoon, in 1986 for Ek Pal and in 2013 for Game. He has also received various other prestigious awards like the Filmfare Award, IIFA Award and Zee Cine Award. Some of the well-known films for which he has won accolades are: Kalyug, Vijeta, Jungle, Rang De Basanti, Swadesh, Jodhaa Akbar and the list just goes on.
Dedicated, humble and exceptionally good at his work, Hitendra Ghosh is a living legend of his field. His remarkable erudition for the subtle grammar of sounds used in cinema in conjunction with the visuals, led him to contribute to the vocabulary of sound design and also to explore other creative aspects in the same field. In the contemporary milieu of commercial cinema which clamours for loud music, Hitendra never ceased to be refined, artistic and so awe-inspiringly effective.
The Scindia School confers on Mr Hitendra Ghosh the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2017 for his unwavering commitment, outstanding achievements and enormous contribution in the field of Sound and Recording to the Indian Cinema.

Dr S D Singh

Dr. S.D. Singh was one of the most respected and loved principals. He was a man of amiable character, a thorough academician and most importantly, a visionary. He was single handedly responsible for upgrading Scindia School’s role in Indian Public School Conference of which Dr. Singh served as a Chairman as well. His interactions with the Round Square Conference have helped Scindia School become a strong contender amongst educational institutions, world over. Dr. Singh’s contributions to the school include setting up of Computer Centre, addition of the Science block and overhaulling of the Sports Complex among many other such feats.

Dr. Singh was loved by all. So much so, that during one of the Annual Functions during his tenure, the president of The Board of Governors, Late HH Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia called him “…the most outstanding principal in India”. Mr. Singh was no stranger to such remarks and admiration from his colleagues and students alike.

Dr. SD Singh
101, ‘Ram Krishna’
26, Alkapuri
Baroda 390007
T: 0265-2332564/ 2354506
M: 098244 28740

Lt Gen Sami Khan

Sami Khan graduated from The Scindia School in 1948. The then Principal, Mr K C Shukla, in his commendation letter wrote, “Sami was one of the most popular students, a first class athlete, boxer, swimmer and one of the best riders”. Quite certainly he saw in young Sami a potential leader, and his observation stood the test of time as is evidenced by the journey of this young school boy into Lieutenant General Sami Khan.
This charming boy who displayed ample leadership qualities as a House Prefect of the Jayaji House and the School Captain, went on to be one of the most respected and decorated soldiers of the Indian Army.
The inherent attributes in Sami Khan, first got a fertile ground at The Scindia School and then were further nurtured in the Defense Services Staff College, Wellington. Sami Khan got commissioned into the Madras Regiment in the Indian Army in January 1951. As a Brigadier, he was an Instructor at the College of Combat in Mhow. He was then promoted as a Major General and commanded a Division in Arunachal Pradesh. While serving with the United Nations in Congo, he proved his mettle as a soldier and was awarded the Sena Medal for his individual acts of exceptional devotion to duty and courage, which have special significance for the Army. In recognition of his peace-time service of the most exceptional order, he was awarded the Param Vishishta Seva Medal (PVSM). Finally, he retired as General Officer Commanding in Chief, Central Command as a Lieutenant General.
Lieutenant General Sami Khan, as GOC, 15 Corps in Northern Kashmir once said, “Every man who serves at Siachen, whether decorated or not, is a hero”. Such was his human understanding and appreciation of sincerity of purpose.
Lauded in the highest ranks of leadership, we today honour a man of incomparable valour and dignity – Lieutenant General Sami Khan. He is an incredible icon for our young minds to get inspired. The Scindia School aspires to cultivate in every Scindian the same spirit of altruism, courage and humility that Lieutenant General Sami Khan symbolized through his inspirational life.
The Scindia School posthumously confers on Lieutenant General Sami Khan the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2016.

Dr Sushil Shah

Founder and Chairman of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd and someone who is essentially a humanitarian, Dr Sushil Shah is a beautiful combination of a person who has the heart of a Doctor and the mind of an Entrepreneur. After graduating from the school in 1964, young Sushil completed his MD in Pathology and Bacteriology from Grant Medical College, Mumbai. He was also a Research Fellow of Cornell Medical Centre, New York.
Metropolis is not only highly sophisticated laboratory but also one of the first to introduce Radio Immunoassay technique (a branch of nuclear medicine) in India for the test of Malignancy, Infertility and Pregnancy problems etc. It has earned the reputation of India’s leading and only multinational chain of diagnostic centers spread across the globe.
However, in addition to his professional excellence, what makes Dr. Shah truly worthy of this award is his philanthropic spirit. He has been conducting health check-up camps for Mumbai Traffic Police, awareness camps for police women on cervical cancer, free camps for over 600 girls belonging to ‘Kishori Foundation’ based in Mumbai and under-privileged children of ‘Future Hope’, an NGO based in Kolkata for several years now.
His deep commitment to social service has earned him several honours and awards including the Rashtriya Chikitsak Ratna Award by NEHRD Organization, Mumbai, Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal Award by GEPRA, Tamil Nadu and Prominent Alumnus Award by Jai Hindi College, Mumbai.
Dr. Shah comes across as a fine example of true Scindian values i.e. a spirit of enterprise and sound intellect, infused with conviction and a sense of service. His life is an incredible timeline of these attributes, spread across all endeavours of his life.
The Scindia School confers on Dr Sushil Shah the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2016 for his exemplary business acumen coupled with deep commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and for his outstanding contribution in the medical field.

Mr A N Dar

Mr. A.N.Dar, the Green man of Scindia School, an alumni, a true Scindian, he was responsible for many developments in the school. Mr. Dar was a man of great enthusiasm. He was outgoing and would always encourage and consider ideas from out of the box. He was a principal who believed in giving students responsibilities and would engage them in the development of the school. Many hobby societies and cultural clubs came into being during his tenure. Mr. Dar was the epitome of pastoral care of the students. He was peculiar and there are many feats that have DAR written all over them. He was a very approachable principal and would treat students and teachers with the same sincerity. Mr. Dar commanded respect from his students and colleagues and rightly so.

A-12, SECTOR 132
T: 09386590855.
E: andar@sify.com


The Scindia School aspires to cultivate a spirit of adventure and profound thinking, imbued with courage, conviction and confidence in every Scindian. Dr Gautam Barua’s life is an impressive timeline of these attributes spread across all endeavours of his life.
Gautam Barua was the School Captain in 1970 and received the President’s Gold Medal for his commendable performance in the School. After graduating from IIT Bombay with a BTech in 1976 and an M Tech in 1978 in Electrical Engineering, he obtained a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of California. Following a brief stint as Visiting Lecturer at UCSB, he returned home and joined IIT Kanpur as a Faculty Member. Later as the Head of the Department, he contributed towards the modernization of IT facilities. He was awarded the ‘Distinguished Alumnus Award’ by IIT Mumbai this year i.e. 2015.
In 1995, Prof Barua joined IIT Guwahati and became the Director in 2003, and in 2013 was elevated as the Mentor Director of the Institute. During the same time, he also had additional charge as the Director of NIT Silchar and in 2008 was appointed the Mentor Director of IIT Patna when the Government of India decided to open six more IITs across India. His constant efforts have led to the development of Technical Education in the North East, especially in the sphere of Information Technology. He is committed to breakthrough advances in the field of Technical Education, a move towards single entrance exam scenario in engineering, and his resolute stand on the autonomy of educational institutions, especially the IITs.
Prof Barua is keenly interested in Operating Systems, Networks and Research. He is a passionate teacher and has more than 50 publications to his credit. He serves on the Board of several PSUs and government educational institutions. He is an independent Director of Indian Oil Corporation and is the IT consultant to the Government of Assam.
We are honoured and privileged to have amongst us Prof Gautam Barua, who is a stellar example of the ideals of scholarship, leadership, and true citizenry.
The Scindia School confers on Prof Gautam Barua the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence, for the year 2015.

Mr Sanjeev Aga

Sanjeev Aga, an alumnus of The Scindia School, exemplifies in his life and work the spirit of the institution for he combined innovativeness with dedicated pursuit of excellence in the highly competitive world of telecommunications maintaining the highest ethical standards.

He joined The Scindia School in Class VII at a tender age of 10 in 1962.  During his tenure he turned his experience at the School to an invigorating one by plunging into a variety of activities the school offered.  His Housemaster Mr. G K Kapoor in one of his official communications to the parents declared him the Best Boy in the House and appreciated his personality, academic performance and participation in intellectual and creative activities.    The Principal, Mr. J L Dar, wrote: ‘Sanjeev is a boy of many talents and excellent character and sense of responsibility’.  His friends, teachers and the spectacular setting of the Gwalior Fort had a lasting impression on his personality.

Sanjeev took the Indian School Certificate Examination in December 1966.

After The Scindia School, Sanjeev went on to St. Stephen’s College, Delhi from where he took an Honours degree In Physics, and then completed his Business Management course from IIM Kolkata.

Sanjeev Aga was initiated into a career in business with his assignment for Asian Paints, which gave him a pan India exposure and set him up for what would be an illustrious career spanning over 40 years.   He went on to head the Furniture and Toys businesses of BlowPlast, now called VIP Industries, as the Managing Director from 1993 to 1998. His subsequent assignments had him serve as Managing Director of Aditya Birla Nuvo, a company with diverse businesses. Sanjeev Aga is best known for his leadership as Managing Director of Idea Cellular, a company which started from the scratch and soon emerged among the top 3 companies in a fiercely competitive sector.  The crowning glory for Sanjeev was his recognition for the sophistication of business processes and the uncommon standards of ethical conduct which accompanied such success.

Honour and recognition were bestowed on him by various prestigious organisations. In 2009, Sanjeev Aga received on behalf of Idea Cellular the Economic Times Award for The Emerging Company of the Year. The Indira Innovation Summit awarded him as the CEO of the Year for 2009 and Tele.Net honoured him in 2010 for Outstanding Contribution to the Telecom Sector. Forbes Magazine, In December 2010, shortlisted Sanjeev Aga for the prestigious Indian of the Year, putting him amongst an exclusive group of business persons to be considered for the honour that year.

Sanjeev Aga stepped down from formal professional commitments in 2011 but he continues to serve as an Independent Director and Advisor to reputed corporates and he advises not-for-profit organizations in a spirit of service.

Sanjeev stands out among his peers for striking a rare balance between personal and professional life. It is important for him to give quality time to his family.  He takes time off to travel, to read and occasionally writes for magazines and newspapers.

Today, The Scindia School acknowledges Sanjeev Aga as an Old Boy of Eminence for his exemplary acumen in corporate business world and for deep commitment to ethical practices, by conferring upon him the Madhav Award 2014.

Mr Suresh Kumar Sharma

Suresh Kumar Sharma, an alumnus of The Scindia School, exemplifies in his life and work the spirit of the institution for he has combined his belief and expertise in traditional Indian medical science with modern research techniques.

While he was in school, Principal J L Dar wrote: “Suresh Kumar Sharma has been a                well-behaved student, possessing an excellent character. He was promoted to the rank of School Prefect and he acquitted himself well in this capacity.” Suresh graduated from School as an outstanding             all-rounder and a leader with a sense of commitment and determination.  He won the Individual Championship in Athletics in 1965-66 and proved his mettle in dramatics, debating, elocution, woodwork and stone carving.  He did a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and secured further a graduation in Law and a Diploma in Business Management.

He was young when he took over the mantle as the Managing Director of Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Private Limited, which was established by his father in 1917.  There was no looking back, as Suresh led the company to greater heights and took it to Kenya, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Russia by building effective business partnerships.  Today the company has become a household name in healthcare and enjoys the confidence of people across social strata.  Suresh Sharma can be duly credited with taking traditional Indian wisdom to the world through his modern marketing skills, along with the scientific research programme at the Siddhayu Ayurvedic Research Foundation, which he set up to produce various ayurvedic and herbal products, including cosmetics.

The Scindia School instilled in Suresh a commitment for preservation of wildlife and environment. He set up wind turbine generators of 50 megawatt capacities in Karnataka and Maharashtra.  He developed over 500 acres of land for cultivation of herbal plants and has given a significant boost to wildlife tourism through his resorts in Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks and a hotel in Khajuraho.   He set up the Vidharbha Paper Mills and Shakti Offset Limited, both of which enjoy landmark status in central India. Shining examples of his ventures abroad are the coal mines he runs in Sumatra, Indonesia, which produce 15,000 metric tons of high grade coal per month.

During his decade long tenure as the Vice-President of the Charitable Regional Cancer Hospital in Nagpur, Suresh donated a full ward and a Dharamshala for the benefit of patients with limited means.   He is the Joint Managing Trustee of Ramnarayan Vaidya Ayurveda Research Trust set up to promote the study of Ayurveda and in 1983 he instituted an annual award of Rs 2 lakhs for outstanding contribution to this field. This is recognized as the most prestigious award in Ayurveda and is presented by His Excellency the President of India or by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

Suresh Sharma was duly nominated for the ‘Lokmat Maharashtrian of the year’ award in 2011 in the category of Industrialists.

He has been involved in a significant manner with a variety of prestigious organisations that contribute to education, business, healthcare and sports.   A keen sportsman himself, Suresh was the President of the Vidharbha Hockey Association and the Treasurer of the Vidarbha Cricket Association for about 10 years. He took the initiative to bring Test Match Cricket to Nagpur.

A philanthropist, Suresh Sharma is an example for the younger members of The Scindia School fraternity to emulate.  His modern approach to entrepreneurship and his deep-rooted commitment to the people and tradition of the land, make him an inspiring role-model.

Today, The Scindia School acknowledges Suresh Kumar Sharma as an Old Boy of Eminence for his exemplary business acumen with deep commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and for his outstanding contribution to promotion of Traditional Indian Medical Science, by conferring upon him the Madhav Award 2013.

Mr Ramalingam Parasuram

Ramalingam Parasuram, an alumnus of The Scindia School, exemplifies in his life and work the fundamental values that the institution stands for.

Awarded a merit scholarship by the Government of India, Parasuram joined the school and justified his selection not only by his performance in academics but also by the dedication and excellence he displayed through his participation in a large range of sports, cultural events and community service.  His leadership quality and his exceptional ability to work with a diverse group of people were established from an early age as he was awarded the A-Level Certificate for National Cadet Corps Junior Division (Naval Wing). He was a keen debator and a member of the school dramatics team.

He did his Graduation in Electrical Engineering with distinction. Inculcated with true values of social responsibility and concerns for the drawn-trodden, he joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1978. He served with distinction as Collector of districts Sidhi, Satna and Bastar, before serving the Government of Madhya Pradesh and the Government of India in several implementational and policy level functions in sectors as diverse as agriculture, rural development, information technology, dairy development, technical education and skills development.

Parasuram served a term as the Lester B. Pearson Fellow in public administration at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. As Minister (Agriculture) at the Indian Embassy he has represented India at the three United Nations Agencies in the Food and Agriculture sector, with headquarters in Rome.

During the last few years he has been instrumental in planning and implementing programmes in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The State has achieved the highest growth rate in the country in agricultural production during the last five years. Recognising the need for governance reforms and improving public service delivery, he is leading a pan-governmental effort of an ambitious programme for re-engineering all the social sector benefit schemes and make their delivery people-centric through the use of information technology.

Ramalingam Parasuram throughout his career has stood tall as one of the most outstanding officers of the Madhya Pradesh Cadre of the IAS.  His total transparency, courage, ability to ensure successful implementation of projects and a highly distinguished reputation built consistently over a long period of time led deservedly to his appointment as the Chief Secretary and Head of Administration of the State of Madhya Pradesh on 30 April 2012. He is an example of the true definition of a public servant as he approached his duty with humility and in the spirit of service.

Today, The Scindia School acknowledges Ramalingam Parasuram as an Old Boy of Eminence for his outstanding contribution in the area of Public Administration and to the Nation by conferring upon him the Madhav Award for 2012

Mr Anand Rao Pawar

Anand Rao Pawar, an alumnus of The Scindia School exemplifies in his life and work the fundamental values that the institution stands for.

The promise of an illustrious career ahead was apparent during Anand Pawar’s tenure at The Scindia School. The then Principal, Mr. K C Shukla’s observation of this ideal student was – “he is a boy of exceptional ability and varied interests. He has maintained his first class academic standards always. He is a gifted artist and produced some interesting paintings. He is one of the best actors of the School.” Anand Pawar carried out the duties of a House Prefect in Class X and a School Prefect in his final year. He led the Shivaji House Swimming Team. The walls of many classrooms and the exhibition boards of the School were adorned by his paintings. He acted in Founder’s Day plays in English and Hindi with equal ease.

Anand Pawar graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in Metallurgical Engineering in 1971. As a true Scindian he followed the principle of duty to the society before self and joined the Indian Police Service in 1972, giving up the lucrative career options in engineering and never looked back.

Anand Pawar in his service with the police, made a significant contribution to eliminate anti-social activities. His remarkable success in curbing armed political activism and terrorism in the State through exemplary courage and determination was recognized by the Madhya Pradesh Government in a special publication in 2007 to acknowledge his landmark achievements. For Anand Pawar call of duty to take up new challenges is the ultimate reward. He was on special deputation to North East India to curb political insurgency and was deservedly honoured with the Director General’s Commendation Disk and the Kathin Sewa Medal for his services. He underwent special counter terrorism courses in the United States of America and United Kingdom. He won the prestigious Meritorious Services Medal and the President’s Medal for Distinguished Services. He headed the elite Rapid Action Force formed by the Government of India to combat communal violence anywhere in the country. Anand Pawar retired as the Director General of Police, Madhya Pradesh in 2008. His zest for life compelled him to dedicate his time and energy to conservation of wildlife. He is an active member of the Gondwana Nature Conservation Society. He did extensive wildlife photography in Africa. He writes prolifically about the Police and diverse social issues for Hindustan Times, Swadesh and other publications.

Anand Pawar, with his humility, probity, integrity and adherence to high moral principles, established himself as a true role model for the younger generation. While discharging his duties as a police officer, he displayed creative problem solving skills with prime focus on welfare of the citizens, which earned him respect and affection from his colleagues and the people he served. Today, The Scindia School acknowledges Anand Pawar as an Old Boy of Eminence for his outstanding contribution to the police department and to the Nation by conferring upon him the Madhav Award for 2011.

Mr Anurag Kashyap

An alumnus of The Scindia School exemplifies in his life and work the aspiration of the Alma mater to produce global leaders with an Indian ethos. Anurag Kashyap through all his creative work in the area of film making represents this ideal in its true spirit. Anurag Kashyap joined the school in 1983 in Class VII and passed out in 1989. There were many occasions even while at school when he proved his intellectual courage to question the stereotype and stand by his own conviction. He embraced the world of words and ideas and spent many hours in the school library.

Anurag Kashyap contributed to the contemporary Indian cinema in diverse ways, starting with writing stories and scripts. He finally graduated to direction. He has shown the courage to raise questions about the society, redefine the grammar of film making and tread into areas that very few dared to explore. He never compromised his principles for the sake of popularity or under pressure. He brought in a 21st century global outlook to Indian cinema and its style of storytelling, yet his fundamental concerns were centered on the socio political scenario of the country. His urge to express himself creatively and aesthetically compelled him to delve in different genres of cinema in terms of form, technique and content.
Recognition followed Anurag Kashyap and today he enjoys the rare distinction of being accepted by a vast majority of the mainstream viewers and at the same time being recognised by the patrons of serious cinema as one of the leading directors of the country. He certainly enjoys an iconic status amongst the youth. Anurag Kashyap’s cinema has crossed all international, linguistic and cultural barriers. He has won major awards in India as well as at the International Film Festivals including the Grand Jury Prize at the 3rd Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. His work was highly acclaimed at the 57th Locarno International Film Festival and at the 67th Venice Film Festival.
Anurag Kashyap is respected for his uncompromising commitment to his own belief and his courage to challenge the conventional. He carries forward the spirit of the school in being a trend setter in all his endeavors. Today The Scindia School acknowledges Anurag Kashyap as an Old Boy of eminence for his outstanding contribution in the field of cinema by conferring upon him the Madhav Award for the year 2010.

Mr Amar Nath Dar

Renaissance man is what The Scindia School aspires to see in every Old Boy of the institution – a man who demonstrates a spirit of adventure in physical, intellectual and social activities. Amar Nath Dar truly lived the ideals of the school all his life.

As his father was on the faculty, Amar Nath Dar was born on the Fort and joined the school as a five year old. An outstanding all rounder while at school, college and university, Amar Nath Dar displayed true leadership quality in sports, academics and in social organizations from a young age.
He joined the Doon School English faculty and served with distinction till 1993. As an ideal public school master, he carried the responsibility of a staggeringly wide variety of activities – academic, pastoral, sporting, cultural and adventure. He lead ambitious expeditions, directed English plays and even acted in a film featuring notable actors with equal proficiency.
His illustrious career as the Principal of The Scindia School began in 1994 and continued till his retirement in 2000. Owing to his umbilical connection with the school, he could blend its values and traditions to perfection with modern trends in education worldwide.  At his farewell, HH Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia said, “In many ways, your tenure represents a third transition – preparation for a new liberal thinking world where mutual respect and understanding between the young and not so young is so important. You made a significant contribution to the School”.
A tireless seeker and traveler both in the physical and intellectual space, Amar Nath Dar continues to provide dynamic leadership in education.
Today The Scindia School, acknowledges Amar Nath Dar as an Old Boy of Eminence for his outstanding contribution to the field of education in India by conferring upon him the Madhav Award for the year 2009.