Mr Aloke Ghosh

He is a quiet and unassuming worker who has been able to mould the creative minds of young Scindians. With a tremendous talent for stone carving, wood carving, painting, outdoor sculpture, and cartooning, Mr Ghosh is the undisputed choice for all major creative assignments undertaken by the school. He also contributes very meaningfully in areas like designing cover pages for some of the major publications, stage decoration and the makeup of the actors for theatrical performances.

His sincerity and dedication are appreciated by all, and the brilliant work that the students produce under his guidance is admired by parents and faculty alike. His greatest joy is to see some of his promising students take up an art related profession.

Mr Arun Sharma

He is the Metal Work Instructor at The Scindia School. Mr Sharma completed the ITI Trader Machinist Composite Course in the year 1988. Subsequently, he underwent a one-year Apprenticeship Training in CIMMCO (Central India Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited) followed by a short stint in the same organisation. Thereafter he ran his own metal works unit for eight years before joining the school in the year 2005. He is a great craftsman who has been guiding the children to craft artistic and utilitarian metal workpieces.

The students find in him a true mentor who motivates and inspires them and brings out their latent creativity.

Ms Kirti Ghosh

Ms Kirti Ghosh joined the school in 2012-13. She taught briefly at Gwalior Glory School as an Art teacher before joining The Scindia School. She believes that art is an integral part of a human’s life. Clay modeling, which she passionately teaches to her students, furnish a sense of playfulness and achievement to the students as well as soothes their nerves.

Mr Veerendra Singh Nagvanshi

He is the in-charge of Papier Mache Art Department and has been working with us since July 2018. Mr Nagvanshi has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Sculpture, from Raja Mansingh Tomar Music and Arts University, Gwalior and was a Gold Medalist as well. He has qualified the National Eligibility Test (NET) in visual arts, conducted by UGC.

His art exhibitions have been organized with many renowned artists of the country. Before joining The Scindia School, he has trained students of Papier Mache in many renowned educational and non-academic institutions. Even at present, he is doing research on the Chitera folk art of Gwalior. The sculptures made by him are established at various places of repute in the country, and among them are the Goa Museum, Digital and Virtual Museum – Smart City Gwalior, Jiwaji University, Raja Mansingh Tomar University, Government Fine Arts College, etc

Papier Mache is an eco-friendly medium and one prefers to adopt it easily with a view to preventing environmental pollution.

Mr Mustaq Khan Chowdhury

The Head of Department – Arts, he has been with The Scindia School since 1988. Mr Chowdhury holds a Master’s degree in painting from Vishwa Bharti University. He is an artist of considerable repute, and his works have been on display along with the likes of SH Raza and MF Hussain at exhibitions. His body of work also finds mention in “The History of Modern Indian Painting” by Krishna Chaitanya. His passions, other than art, range from gardening to a game of football. Mr Khan Chowdhury is a teacher characterized by his progressive outlook and scientific approach and is remembered fondly as such by parents, and by alumni who were once his students.

An affectionate teacher, nothing provides Mr Khan Chowdhury greater joy than to see his students excel in school, and thereafter in their professions.

Mr Dharmendra Singh Morya

Mr Dharmendra Singh Mourya, an art aficionado and professional, joined the school seeking a challenging and satisfying career in a growing concern that sought an ambitious and career conscious person who would work towards promoting growth and excellence. He is qualified with M.F.A. (APPLIED ART), B.F.A. (APPLIED ART), I.G.D. (Painting), D.F.M. (Digital film making), I.T.I. (Diesel Mechanic) and D.O.E.A.C.C. Prior to joining the Scindia School, he has worked in PULSE EVENT PVT. LTD. as a (Graphic Designer) and in ARYAN SCHOOL OF SANSKAR as an (Art & Craft Teacher). As a student as well as a teacher of art, he has participated in numerous competitions, camps, seminars, exhibitions, and workshops. Interestingly, he is a Black Belt, 1st Don in Karate and has participated in various Karate championships. He is fond of Pop Art, Graphic Design, painting and cricket.