Mr Jagdish Joshi

Mr Jagdish Joshi has been a passionate educator for more than two decades. He has a vast experience of teaching in residential schools. Prior to joining The Scindia School he was a senior Hindi teacher and served as the Housemaster at MIT Pune’s VGWS. His previous experience includes working as the Head of Department (Hindi) and Housemaster at Sarla Birla Academy, Bangalore. Mr Joshi holds a Master’s degree in Hindi and Sociology, and the Master of Philosophy. He is a certified Cambridge University Diploma teacher with a B.Ed. Degree. Mr Joshi has been a sportsperson since his college days and has represented the District in Volleyball. He has mastered Squash at SBA and is always seen with students on the field, during the evening games, guiding, and playing with the students. He played in the Karnataka Open Squash Tournament in 2008. His love for sports, nature and trekking has made him participate in many events like scaling the Jagatsukh Peak, Gandhala Pass, Stock La Pass and many more. He describes himself as an enthusiast who demands perfection. Hence, he instills the same spirit and attitude among the students, be it in Hindi or Sports. He believes in the fusion of Indian culture with the modern day scientific approach so as to help his students become powerful, impressive and lifelong learners. He has instilled the roots of ‘Sanskaar’ in every Daulatian which again goes hand in hand with the school’s legacy of keeping alive the Indian traditions in every Scindian.