Makar Sakranti Celebrated

Makar Sakranti which marks the beginning of the New Year, as per the Indian tradition was celebrated at the Fort on Tuesday, the 15th of January 2019. The exuberant celebration was accompanied by the customary kite flying session, which was enjoyed by students and staff alike. A group of more than one hundred young ladies of Scindia Kanya Vidhyalaya joined the boys of the Scindia School on the joyous occasion. A variety of food stalls serving delectable traditional Indian flavours ranging from the evergreen South Indian cuisine to the local favourites added to the merrymaking. The Principal, Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat, who was accompanied by Mrs. Saraswat extended his heartiest greetings to the community and was elated to see the renewed spirits soaring heights along with the colourful kites in the sky. Members of the Senior Management Committee, including the Vice Principal – Pastoral Care, Ms Smita Chaturvedi engaged in an informal interaction with the students. The celebration also provided an opportunity to the assiduous students of the board classes to let themselves loose, after the grilling winter study camp. It was a day well spent, where the members of the Scindia family came together and strengthened their bond further.


Future 50 Schools Shaping Success is a premium organisation that evaluates and awards progressive K-12 schools across India. It recognises schools that go beyond academics without compromising on academic rigour and help students discover their passion. On Wednesday, the 14th of November the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat received the award for the Scindia School, which was recognised as the Best Residential School of the country. Dr Saraswat is also one of the panelists for a discussion on the 15th of November, focusing on redefining the equation between schools and universities, so as to facilitate a smoother transition in education which is progressive in nature.


The boys of the Scindia School payed tribute to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi on his birth anniversary, by following in his footsteps. What could be a better way of celebrating the life of a person? A community lunch was organised at the School premises, wherein the inhabitants of Sonsa, the village adopted by the School, and the helping staff of the School were invited. It was heart-warming to hear the representatives of the village, who came up and expressed their gratitude towards the Scindia School and shared how their engagement with the School has touched their lives. A special prayer service was organised in the evening, where floral tributes were payed to the Mahatma. The chanting of shlokas created an environment befitting the solemn occasion, an excerpt was read from one of his writings, reminding all of his ethos. The young boys soulfully sang two of his favourites, Vaishnava Jan Toh and Raghupati Raghav, before breaking into silence for introspection.


The 12th Annual EducationWorld India School Rankings 2018 – 19 has adjudged The Scindia School as the second best all boys residential school in the country. The survey that rates and ranks the country’s Top 1,000 schools has adjudicated the School as one of the Top boarding schools for two consecutive years in a row.
Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat received the award at a grand award ceremony, where he was also felicitated for the thought leadership which has been the guiding force behind the enormous success of the School. He was the recipient of the “Exceptional Leadership Award” for his contribution to the field of education in general and The Scindia School in particular.


The Scindia School celebrated the 72nd Independence Day of the Nation on Wednesday, the 15th of August 2018 with gusto. The celebrations began with the arrival of the Chief Guest Mr. Rahul Kulshreshtha, an eminent Old Boy and President Central SOBA, who inspected the smartly turned out contingent of the parade, which was led by the Old Boys of the batch of 2003. The Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat in his welcome address mentioned that instead of looking at our glorious past we as a community must look forward, as continuity is the key for survival for any community. He pressed upon the significance of prosperity, which should not only be material but also mental and spiritual.<br>

The Chief Guest expressed his gratitude for being invited at such a momentous occasion and through an anecdote shared how the Scindia School was pivotal in shaping his personality. Mr. Kulshreshtha fondly remembered his days in School and urged the students to develop a never say die attitude. After the formal ceremonies of the day, the Scindia fraternity congregated at Astachal – the spiritual centre of the School, where floral tributes were paid to Mahatma Gandhi. A solemn prayer ceremony was organised to revisit the ideology of the great men of the past so as to draw inspiration from them to take the country ahead. The Principal took the opportunity to felicitate the Chief Guest, Mr. Kulshreshtha with a token of gratitude which was followed by an address by Mr. Mohit Jain, a representative of the batch of 2003. The programme culminated with the observance of silence, so that one could look within.<br>

After the formal proceedings of the day the members of staff, Old Boys and the Prefectorial Body enjoyed an informal interaction over breakfast at the Principal’s residence.


The Annual House Report Ceremony was held on Saturday, the 17th of March 2018 at the Open Air Theatre. The ceremony which is traditionally held at the end of the academic year is an occasion to felicitate the outstanding sports and academic achievers. The smartly turned-out representatives from each House took the dais and presented the achievements of their respective Houses with a sense of pride. Each House Report was followed by a thunderous round of applause.

The Annual House Report Ceremony gives a chance to really reflect on our achievements over the past academic year and to appreciate one another’s efforts and give credit where credit is due. It must have been particularly challenging for all our Housemasters to choose the awardee in each category. It was heartening to see that while the ceremony was about individual House achievements but the entire community rejoiced in it.


The colours of Holi painted the teacher and the taught alike at The Scindia School, as the community came together to celebrate the festival of colours. The festivities began on the 1st of March with Holika Dehan, which symbolises the victory of good over evil. Next morning all the Scindians gathered at The Oval with gusto and played with colour. The Principal, Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat extended his warm wishes to the Scindian family on this occasion. This was followed by an informal lunch of the members of staff at the Principal’s bungalow, where the multi-faceted faculty through their skills of singing and acting had everybody asking for more. Whether it was the singing or the theatrical skills the spirit of the members of staff was unmatched. Folk songs like Holi khele raghuvira, Aaj Biraj mein Holi added additional charm to the festival. The qualitative time spent together further strengthened the bond amongst the proud ‘Scindians’. Thereafter the boys of the passing out class enjoyed not only a delectable meal but also company at the Principal’s sprawling lawns.

The 69th Republic Day

The 69th Republic Day of our great nation was celebrated at the Fort with gusto. On arrival the Chief Guest, Mr. Gagan Khosla, an eminent old boy of the batch of 1974, unfurled the tricolour and inspected the parade. After which the smartly turned out marching contingent, marched to the tunes of Kadam kadam badaye ja, the contingent was led by the batch of 1968.
The Principal Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat congratulated the young Scindians for the flawless marching and mentioned that moments like this fill his heart with pride. In his address to the School he stated that an occasion like the Republic Day should not be limited to a day’s celebration. In his thought provoking discourse he urged the community to take charge of themselves as individuals, which is when we as individuals will grow thereby contributing towards the growth of the nation.
The Chief Guest, Mr. Khosla expressed his gratitude for being invited to his alma mater and mentioned that the institute laid a strong foundation for him. He drew the attention of the gathering towards the countries internal threats like social issues and disparities which can be handled through good leadership. He strongly recommended the student fraternity of the School to make the most of the experiences provided to them at School, as they are the future leaders of growing India. After the Chief Guests’ address everybody moved for ‘Astachal’ where floral tributes were paid to the Father of the Nation. The song Jab tak antim boond rakh ke, which was mellifluously sung by the boys, immersed one and all in the spirit of patriotism.
The Principal Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat felicitated Mr. Khosla with a memento for the cycling expedition undertaken by him, as a tribute to the Scindia School. In his expedition from Leh to Kanyakumari he covered a distance of almost 4000 kilometres. While addressing the gathering at ‘Astachal’ the Chief Guest expressed his admiration on how the School has preserved its heritage over the years. It was time now for the batch of 1968 to hand over the baton of the Golden Jubilee Reunion to the representatives of the batch of 1969. The silence observed thereafter was an opportunity to speak with oneself and contemplate the true meaning of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Independence’.

Special Assembly

In keeping with the spirit of secularism, Christmas was celebrated with joy and gaiety on the 19th of December, just before the students left for the winter break. In spite of the examination fever, a Special Assembly was put up by the versatile students of the School. The Assembly Hall reverberated with the mellifluous sound of the choir which sang timeless carols like Joy to the World, Jingle Bells and Silent Night. The entry of Santa Claus made the celebrations even more special, who visited with his bag full of goodies.

The Principal, Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat extended his heartfelt greetings of the festive season and suggested the students to spend the winter break qualitatively with family and friends. In his address to the Scindia fraternity, he mentioned that one must learn to flow like water leaving the past behind and making the most of the present. With this the term came to an end on a happy note.


15th October 2017 began with unfurling of the school flag by Mr Sanjay Nandi, School Captain of the Class of 1992. Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat conducted the special assembly in the morning and welcomed the old boys from the Batch of 1992 and their families. Principal, Dr Saraswat was confident that the spouses will be able to connect with the school instantly and relive all the wonderful days of their stay on the fort. Dr Saraswat wished the bond is rejuvenated and strengthened. Dr Saraswat welcomed SOBA members and other guests too on this occasion.
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It was a proud moment to witness Sports Blazer being presented to Rekeela Bhutia, Zigmee Gurang and Akshay Bhargava for excellence in various sports in 2016-17. Suryansh Goel was also honoured with Scholar’s Award for the year 2016-17 and a blazer was given to him for his academic excellence.
Then various magazines were released by Mr Rahul Kulshrestha, President, SOBA, Mrs Darshana Jaini, Parent Representative, Mrs Puja Pant, Staff Representative and Mr Dhirendra Sharma, Dean of Studies. After the release of various publications Mr Sanjay Nandi addressed the gathering. He felt elated to note that his batch mates made it a point to be there from all over the globe. Their 25 year reunion was special as it gave them an opportunity to reconnect on the school campus, which was always a home away from home for everyone.
Mr Nandi asserted that their education was not limited to classroom rather learning took place in prep, astachal, sports field etc. Mr Nandi motivated the boys to adapt to change in order to survive in the competitive world. They must learn from all the opportunities provided by the school and not be afraid of trying new ventures. They should not only be apprehensive of failure but also be gracious in winning. His narration of personal anecdotes motivated the boys immensely. At the end Mr Nandi encouraged the boys to be proud of what they do and always Be a Scindian!
Then the exhibition was thrown open for parents and guests in the school building.The star attraction was a wide array of exhibitions that were displayed by the students. The untiring efforts by the students and teachers showcased the hidden talent of the young Scindians. It was followed by an exclusive interaction of Class XI and XII with the Chief Guest, Mr Kunal Bahl, Co-Founder & CEO of Snapdeal in the Assembly Hall.
The much awaited evening began with the arrival of Chief Guest in the evening to witness the 120th Founder’s Day programme at Shukla Memorial Open Air Theatre (SMOAT). The Chief Guest on this occasion was Mr. Kunal Bahl, Co-Founder & CEO of Snapdeal. Mr Kunal is an engineer from University of Pennsylvania, with a business degree from The Wharton School. He was named The Economic Times Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, which is the most prestigious entrepreneurship award in India. He also featured in the 2014 Fortune Global 40 under 40 list. Kunal has been a recipient of many other distinguished awards including the Prime Minister’s Award for Contribution to the Digital Industry.
The Chief Guest was escorted to the school building by the school horse riding team led by Yuvraj Bhatia, Horse Riding Captain, from Teli Temple. Upon arrival the Chief Guest was introduced to the Board of Governors, citizens from Sonsa Village, prefects, faculty and staff members.

 Then the dignitaries were greeted by the school band as they displayed their skills. They played Brahmputra, Hathroli, Rivers Of Babylon, Final Countdown along with a few more tunes.
Upon their arrival at SMOAT the formal part of the evening began with the School Song. The Chief Guest, Mr. Kunal Bahl and His Highness Jyotiraditya Scindia paid floral tribute to Maharaja Madhavrao Jayajirao Scindia and to Maharaja Madhavrao Jiwajirao Scindia II.
The talented vocalists and instrumentalists crafted a fourteen minute symphony entitled `Fragrance of Music’ and the orchestral rendition was flawless. The amalgamation of taals like keherwa, Teen taal and Deepchandi along with Raag Yaman, Bilawal, Hameer and Darbari using a wide variety of instruments created a mesmerising confluence. After the school orchestra’s scintillating and melodious performance Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat read out the school annual report. Principal began on a cheerful note as he welcomed the august gathering. Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat proudly announced the increase in number of scholarships and the fact that two students will be sponsored to Westminster College.

Dr Saraswat spoke about the unending journey of a Scindian to find the right path amidst infinite choices. There was a thundering applause when Principal announced that the school has been adjudged second best among all boys residential schools by Education World. , Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat mentioned that the school has evolved through a century of transitions. The contributions of old boys is a real validation of the success of the school. Dr Saraswat referred to path breaking achievements in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. Besides exchange programmes, the school made its presence felt in Round Square Conference both in India and abroad.
Then President Board of Governors, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia welcomed the Chief Guest, Mr. Kunal Bahl. His Highness reiterated the fact that willingness to confront the feelings of hope, energy and anxiety is the key to success in any institution. His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia began his address with a fact that real education is the inculcation of the ability to analyse and think logically. The school imbibes the ability to learn from an experience. His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia firmly mentioned that success is not instant gratification but finding a meaning in one’s actions. He insisted that knowledge is not solely derived from text books but by learning from the inferential environment that has an indelible impact. It comprises of a child’s peers, faculty, mentor etc, as they purposefully influence a child.

His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia referred to his school days. He felt glad to say that the school offered a scope for intermingling of people with a common soul. He reiterated the fact that a boy must be recognized by his character and intent as all the boys are bound by a shared thought. His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia urged the boys to reclaim the ideals of their forefathers. This was only possible by nurturing a healthy sense of respect, responsibility and reciprocity. His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia glorified the Chief Guest, Mr. Kunal Bahl and mentioned how Mr Bahl was equipped with an enterprising and intuitive spirit as he blazed a new path with grit and determination despite multiple trials and tribulations. His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia admired and appreciated the courage with which Mr Bahl faced the challenges through sheer dedication and perseverance as he nurtured the capability to carve a niche for himself at the global level without ever losing sight of his goal.

In his address Mr Bahl articulated that the vision of the school must always be far sighted as it caters to creating future leaders. It is only possible if one perseveres with passion and energy. Mr Bahl gave full credit to the school which instituted an IT program in 1980s and it clearly proved that the quest for excellence began long back.

Mr Bahl motivated the boys to always remember that humility is an integral part of the culture of the entire school. This salient feature teaches a Scindian to deal with failure and success in life. The school prepares a young Scindian to deal with adversity and failure. A child should follow his passion and not be concerned about the opinions of others and forge ahead with a spirited belief in oneself.

Then President Board of Governors, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia read out the citation for the Madhav Award. The Scindia School conferred on Mr Hitendra Ghosh the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2017 for his unwavering commitment, outstanding achievements and enormous contribution in the field of Sound and Recording to the Indian Cinema. Mr Hitendra Ghosh graduated from The Scindia School, Ravindra House, in 1967.  In the commendation letter given by the then Principal, Mr J L Dar, it is mentioned that music was his hobby and that he was a member of the school choir and orchestra. Mr Ghosh was indeed a man of immense creativity and talent.

Mr Ghosh felt extremely elated to come to the school after 45 long years. He wanted to relive those moments spent on the Fort. He encouraged the boys to go beyond academics and develop their skills in multiple extra-curricular activities which the school offers. The training will help them later in life. His voice was choked with emotions as he expressed his deep sense of gratitude to the school for conferring the prestigious award on him. He felt as if it was bestowed upon him by his parents.

Next the ceremony symbolizing the handing over of traditions of the school by the Madhav Awardee to a Scindian was performed. To do the honours Mr Hitendra Ghosh read out the message and handed over the lamp with the replica of the school flag to Prakhar Agarwal. It was a poignant moment to witness the sight.

Then the Principal, Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat announced the Annual Awards. The Chief Guest, Mr Bahl gave away the awards which are given to students and houses for excellence in different verticals of the school.

The Annual Awards are as follows:

1.The Umang Mathur Memorial Trophy for the best in academics in Class XI for 2016-17 went to SURYANSH GOYAL of DAULAT HOUSE.
The Mahendra Mishra Memorial Trophy for the best Sportsman in Class XI for 2016-17 went to REEKEELA BHUTIA of DAULAT HOUSE.
The Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia II Medal for All Round Proficiency in class XI for 2016-17 went to SURYANSH GOYAL of DAULAT HOUSE.
The Sampitroda award for the best innovative project for 2017-2018 went to Pranav Wadhwa of Daulat House and Shashi Kiran of  Jayappa House.
The R. B. Pawar Medal for scoring the highest percentage of marks in Mathematics in class XII Board examination 2016-17 went to SAMBHAV MITTAL of JAYAPPA HOUSE.
The Governor’s Medal for scoring the Highest Percentage of Marks in Class XII Board examination 2016-17 went to HARSIMAR SINGH of RANOJI HOUSE.
The Field Marshal Cariappa Shield for the best sportsman for 2016-17 went to MAHINDRA CHETRI of MAHADJI HOUSE.
The Maharaja Jeewaji Rao Scindia Medal for All Round Proficiency in class XII for 2016-17 went to ARBIN DAS DARJEE of JAYAPPA HOUSE.
The Khurshid Lakdawala, Jr. HOUSE EFFICIENCY SHIELD for 2016-2017 went to KANERKHED HOUSE.
The Guru Hargovind Singh (Gurdwara) Trophy for the best house in academics for the year 2016-2017 went to MAHADJI HOUSE.
The Nepal Trophy for the best House in games and sports for 2016-2017 went to JAYAPPA HOUSE.
The General Efficiency Shield for 2016-2017 went to DAULAT HOUSE.

Mr Raj Kapoor, Dean of ICT, Mr Dhirendra Sharma, DoS, Mr Raja Banerjee, Mr Ramesh Sharma, Mr jitendra Jawale and Mrs Raksha Siriah got milestone awards for successful completion of 20 years in school. Mr Akash Sharma got a milestone award for completing 10 years in the school. King Constantine Medal was given to Dr Bhakuni for his selfless social service for 26 years. Dr Bhakuni lived Round Square Ideals throughout his tenure in the school.  On behalf of the Department of Painting, Fine Arts and Sculpture Suvrat Mahindroo presented a memento to the Chief Guest, Mr Bahl.
Finally The Senior School Prefect, Snehil Tripathi proposed a vote of thanks to the Chief Guest and the dignitaries on behalf of the entire school. The evening ended as the august gathering experienced a joyous Founders Day celebration at The Scindia School. 

Beginning to 120th Founder’s Day Celebration​

120th Founder’s Day celebration began on 14th October 2017 at The Scindia School, Fort, Gwalior.  Click here to see photo gallery.

An atmosphere of celebration filled The Scindia School when the students and teachers gathered to celebrate the Founder’s Day. The school believes that a student can achieve anything with focus, perseverance and confidence. The day was celebrated with fervor, zest and enthusiasm in the school. All activities were designed to contribute towards an all-round development of young Scindians.

On 14th October 2017 the parents were briefed about the performance of their children during PTM. There was an interesting interactive session between Mr Arvind Vohra  and parents. Mr Arvind Vohra, CEO and Managing Director, Gionee India, felt elated to face Young India being successfully represented by Young Scindians. He emphasized upon the need for the adults to teach their children to learn how to be happy, fearless, and resilient. Mr Vohra stressed upon the need to let a child try till he succeeds apart from taking own decisions. He asserted that a child should also be taught to think beyond himself. Mr Vohra reiterated the fact that there is no erosion of core values as they are intact.

There was a Multimedia Presentation and career talk for the parents of Class X-XII in the Assembly Hall. It was followed by an interactive session in the afternoon between Class XI and XII students and Mr Vohra.

Mr  Mahesh V Gandhi Trustee, Scindia Education Society and Member, Board of Governors, The Scindia School, graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Mr Arvind R Vohra, CEO and Managing Director, Gionee India was the Guest of Honour on 14th October 2017. As the Director of Syntech Technology Pvt. Ltd., Mr Vohra is the India Partner to Gionee’s overseas arm Syntech Technology (HK) Ltd. Given his 12 years of rich experience in the industry, he is credited with creating a unique business model for Gionee.

In his welcome address Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat welcomed Mr Mahesh Gandhi, an illustrious alumnus, and Mr Arvind Vohra, former Principal, Mr N K Tiwari along with all the dignitaries, parents, staff and students. Dr Saraswat expressed his heartfelt thanks to the parents who trust the school in grooming their child as they seek excellence over mediocrity.

The attraction in the evening was a memorable theatrical performance entitled Charandas –The Thief. The play is derived from a classic folk tale, originally narrated by Vijaydan Detha and inpretted as a folk play by Habib Tanvir. The play charters the tumultuous life of a petty thief named Charandas. Surprisingly, he is a man of principles, an honest thief with a strong sense of integrity and professional efficiency. The play successfully highlighted hypocrisy, dishonesty, gradual moral degradation and loss of social values which affect society at large.

The plays illustrates the inherent paradox in human existence where truthful existence becomes an impossibility. As the protagonist, Prateek Parihar, did full justice to his role. The commendable performance by Vaibhav Kundu, Kushagra Gupta, Aryan Dube, Aniket Bhati, Mehul Mittal, Shubhankar Singh, Ishan Gangwani, Gautam Agrawal and Nirvan Agrawal along with many more performers was highly appreciated. Aditi Joshi looked extremely elegant and performed her role gracefully. It was successfully directed by Mr Siddharth Sashta and he was assisted by Mr Sashi Bhusan. The play was choreographed by Mr Sawan. Mr Manoj Mishra coordinated the entire play.

Mr Mahesh Gandhi felt gloriously wonderful as he recalled the good old days spent in the school from 1953 – 1959. Mr Gandhi recalled numerous personal anecdotes. Mr Gandhi motivated the boys to contribute as the school grows from strength to strength. The present generation is fortunate enough to benefit from their stay on the Fort as The Scindia School offers a platform for providing opportunities in varied academic and co-curricular activities. This in turn contributes to the holistic process of growing up.

Mr Arvind Vohra’s speech focussed on a relationship between the school and student, which is entirely based on trust. Schools such as The Scindia School offers multiple opportunities to a young Scindian. Mr Vohra emphasized that the core values of an institution should be embodied in each student as they learn the value of decision making. Mr Vohra motivated the boys to cherish the best days of their lives on the Fort as they carry the responsibility of building the nation.

Mr Mahesh Gandhi presented a token of gratitude to Guest of Honour, Mr Arvind Vohra. The wonderful evening ended with a vote of thanks by Kabir Saund, Deputy Senior School Prefect.

The day culminated with an exciting and scintillating entertainment evening at Madhav Pavilion especially for parents and for those who were interested in dance. Professional choreographers / dancers were invited to conduct the ‘Salsa n Jive’ dance get-together. It was so endearing to watch the enthusiastic participants learn the basic dance steps and grooved to the beats of music. Although not mandatory, ladies looked gorgeous in western outfit in any shade of red and men wore a black suit with white shirt.


The evening ended on a hopeful note as everyone looked forward to a grand celebration of the school’s 120thFounder’s Day on 15th October 2017.

Krishna Janamashtami

On the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janamashtami students and staff of The Scindia School, came together to celebrate the unique spirit of secularism of our great nation. The religious fervour could be felt at its peak throughout the programme. The celebrations started with a prayer in praise for Lord Krishna and bhajans were mellifluously sung by the young ones. Chitghan Prabhu, urged the community to contemplate on the philosophy of the Bhagwat Geeta – The Song Celestial, as it has so much to offer to humanity.

The event culminated with a famous bhajan `chote chote gaiyaan…’ and Dharmendra’s mesmerizing performance as Lord Krishna added charm to the entire act.

71st Independence Day

Fervour and gaiety was in the air at the dawn of the 71st Independence Day of our great nation at The Scindia School. The celebration commenced with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Mr. Dhirendra Chauhan, an old boy of the Batch of 1966. After a formal introduction with the faculty, the Chief Guest hoisted the national flag and inspected the contingents of the parade which was followed by a crisp march past on the tunes of Jai Bharti, played by the proud members of the School Band.

Principal, Dr.Madhav Deo Saraswat, in his thought provoking address to the school reminded the boys that humility is a value, which is deeply engrained in each Scindian. Dr. Saraswat motivated the boys to nurture the spirit of humility in all walks of life. In keeping with the occasion, Dr. Saraswat urged the community to strengthen itself for the betterment of self and nation. He elaborated on the importance of strength of character which can be achieved through emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Immediately after the Principal’s address, the Chief Guest, Mr. Dhirendra Chauhan expressed his gratitude for being invited as Chief Guest. In a conversation straight from his heart, he suggested the boys to inculcate the value of excellence in all their endeavours.

As customary, after the formal proceedings, all the members of the community congregated at Astachal where floral tributes were payed to the Father of the Nation. Arjun Dewan, an old boy of the Batch of 2002 expressed his feelings eloquently and mentioned how wonderful it was to be back. Principal, Dr. Saraswat, through a personal anecdote expressed the beauty of the relationship that exists between the teacher and the taught, especially in a residential school. The silence, which was observed for a couple of minutes thereafter, provided the much required space to soak in and look within.

The soulful event ended with an informal interaction of the faculty along with the Chief Guest and the old boys over breakfast at the sprawling lawns of the Principal’s Residence.
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Young Leaders’ Conclave

Four students( Keshav Sarawgi, Yohen Thounajaom, Madhav Agarwal and Aadya Mishra) along with Mrs Puja Pant attended the 5th edition of the Young Leaders Conclave hosted by Modern School, Vasant Vihar from 8th August to 12th August. The theme of the conclave was ‘The Cost of War’ and the facilitators for the same were Mr. Parnab Mukherjee an Independent Media Analyst, Knowledge Resource Curator and Performance Consultant and Ms. Agrima Bhasin who is a well-known Public Policy Analyst and Leadership Trainer.

In the course of the five days students got to hear stimulating talks by a couple of eminent speakers. British High Commissioner to India Sir Dominic Asquith apprised them of the social, political, financial and psychological impact of war. The delegates asked insightful questions like if there is something like a successful war, are military interventions justifiable, the reasons for the inability of UN to prevent war and many more. Ms Amina Sherwani who is an activist spoke about the importance of dialogue for conflict resolution in insurgency affected areas. She spoke about Islam, the misconceptions around it and the issues related to the hijab and triple talaq. Some aspects of her talk proved to be rather inflammatory as the delegates felt her approach towards the Kashmiri insurgency and the views about the army were rather anti Indian. Ms Asiya Zahoor a poetess from Kashmir read excerpts from poems of different poets. She focussed on the very pertinent issue of being open about accepting alternate truths and bridging barriers through writing or other art forms. The most enriching and engaging talk was by Assistant Chief of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Sanjay Jasjit Singh. He defined war, its consequences which are human, political, economic, societal and ideological, post war challenges and also how to prevent war. He spoke at length about maritime security and left everyone with a powerful thought ‘The strong do what they can. The weak suffer what they must’

Through videos and activities students were made aware of the horrors of war and its human cost. They composed poems, speeches and dialogues to express their angst. They were explained the distinction between Gandhian philosophy behind fasting which used to be purposeful and the present attitudes towards it which tend to be directionless. As a part of one of the group activities the students had to establish a Ministry of Peace for a fictitious country. They established different departments under the Ministry namely department of Equitable Distribution, of Social Attitudes, of Human Capital, of Free Flow of Information and of Well Functioning Government. On the penultimate day the students were taken to the army cantonment where they saw a display of weaponry and some of the training drills the soldiers go through. The aim was to give them a first hand understanding of the lives led by the men in uniform. The delegates also dined in the army mess. The evening winded up with an enjoyable dance party and formal dinner.

The final day was a deviation from the theme. It comprised a round of reflections on relationships and the need to maintain one’s identity. The delegates also witnessed the Independence Day celebrations at school and received their certificates.

All through the five days the students stayed with host families and returned with high words of praise for the hospitality extended by the families and the host school. The host families also appreciated our students for their impeccable behaviour and courtesies. The Scindian delegation was delighted to meet Mr Prashant Chaturvedi, former teacher of the Scindia School, who was representing Welham Boys’ School.

The conclave did clear the air on various situations of conflict that the students were aware of but it also left them with many more questions to mull on. It is hoped that these leaders of tomorrow will help in the creation of a conflict free world.

Celebrations of 68th Republic Day

On 26th January, 2017 the old boys from BATCH OF 1966-67 witnessed 68th Republic Day Parade at Madhav Pavilion. The Chief Guest on this occasion was Dr Subodh Agarwal, IAS, Vivekananda – 1983, Principal Secretary, Food Civil Supplies And Consumer Affairs, Rajasthan.

Upon arrival the Chief Guest was introduced to the faculty followed by flag hoisting and national anthem. Dr Agarwal inspected the parade and then the contingents marched with grace and perfection. The Old Boys too had joined the marching squad.

Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat welcomed the Chief Guest, Dr Subodh Agarwal, Old Boys from the Batch of 1967 and the Scindian fraternity.
Dr Saraswat remembered all the great leaders who fought for the independence of the country. The present generation must prosper in today’s India which offers tremendous prospects of growth and success.
Dr Saraswat emphasized that the unwavering integrity must be retained. The personal aspirations were sacrificed for a larger goal and each Scindian must vow to respect the sacrifices made for the honour of the country. The Scindians must have the courage to follow the right path and the conviction to think beyond personal gain.

Then Dr Subodh Agrawal addressed the entire community and expressed his heartfelt thanks upon being invited as the Chief Guest. Dr Agarwal said that this momentous occasion allowed him to pay tribute to the school that shaped and moulded him to be a perfect citizen of the country. Dr Agarwal expressed his gratitude to his teachers in particular who taught him to handle unforeseen circumstances. At the end Dr Agarwal said that the students must always be curious, they ought to learn from failure and must remain humble and honest.
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They attended a special Astachal wherein after offering flowers at Gandhiji’s statue there was silence for a while. It was followed by handing over the Golden Jubilee Reunion Baton to the representative of next year Golden Jubilee Batch of 1968. To do the honours representatives of the batch of 1968 Mr Deepak Uppal and Mr Rakesh Himatsingka received the baton from Mr Nandlal Rane, Batch of 1967.

It was a very poignant moment to witness the ceremony. The address by the representative of next year Golden Jubilee Batch of 1968 made it all the more special. To capture the memorable moment there was a group photograph at Astachal of Golden Jubilee Batch.

It was followed by breakfast at Principal’s residence with faculty. They could be seen exchanging greetings, sharing experiences and interaction with each other.

The highlight of the moment was a Nukkad Natak presentation by some spouses of 1967 Batch. It was highly appreciated and applauded by everyone. Air commodore Kamal Singh and Mrs Sunita Mandelia recited self- composed poems. Principal, Dr Saraswat and his wife gave a token of love and gratitude to Old Boys and their spouses.

Then all the Old Boys accompanied by their spouses assembled in front of S.M.O.A.T and went for a round of the school. They were escorted by Student Ambassadors. In the afternoon they visited stall of Chandari sarees at Madhav Pavilion.

There was a get together in Art Room and it included Registration of Class of 1967. After a sumptuous lunch in the school dining hall they had an option to visit Jai Vilas Palace Museum in town. In the evening they moved to Man Singh Palace on Fort from their respective places of stay for Light and Sound Show followed by dinner at Mr. Rajkumar Garg’s residence. In all the two memorable days were thoroughly enjoyed by the Batch of 1966-67 and they departed with fond memories.
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Glorious Last Assembly

The last assembly before winter break was an ensemble of a wide variety of activities. The morning assembly began with Christmas carols such as Silent Night, Holy Night, Rudoplh The Red Nose Reindeer, Jungle Bells and Joy To The World sung melodiously by junor house boys. At the ended they sang `We Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year’.

Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Sarsawat welcomed the Chief Guest, Air Vice Marshal, Shouvik Roy, VM, ACIDS ICT, HQ, ID, a distinguished alumni who is par excellence. Air Vice Marshal Shouvik Roy (16088-T) F(P) is a Cat A2 Qualified Flying Instructor with around 10,000 hours of flying experience holding Cat/IR AMG and is an alumnus of Defence Services Staff College with a DS grading. At present, he is posted as Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (ICT), HQ IDS, Ministry of Defence with effect from 2nd March 2015. AVM Roy, Ex Ranoji, has clarity of thoughts combined with clarity in mind. Principal, Dr Saraswat reiterated that one must have oneness in body, mind and soul. It has become a very rare attribute in today’s time.

It was followed by distribution of Inter House Sports Awards for 2016-17 to meritorious sportsmen by Principal, Dr Saraswat.

AVM Shouvik Roy complimented and congratulated the winners and began his speech in his invincible style as he went down the memory lane 47 years back when he felt cricket euphoria on the Fort. He candidly shared his philosophy and expressed his desire to watch as the boys validate a life with purpose. A student must learn how to transform his setbacks into comebacks and this character building should encompass everything.

Air Vice Marshal Roy showed a footage on display by Suryakirans. He encouraged the boys by saying that a student must always convey his gratitude to teachers for instilling in him these cherished values and simultaneously not forget the basics. AM Roy emphasized on the need to play outdoor games. They must have 4 Ds in their lives such as discipline, determination, dedication and drive to drive through life. He thoroughly enjoyed his interaction with the boys and asked some questions pertaining to sports and gave a prize for each correct answer.

At the end AVM Shouvik Roy gave two medallions for Excellence in Existence to be given to a deserving teacher and student. The selection should be based on Variety, Vitality, Versatility, Vibrancy and Victory. Principal, Dr Saraswat accepted them with dignity and humility on behalf of the school from Mrs Roy. The glorious morning assembly ended on a promising note as Principal, wished happy holidays to the boys.

Old Boys’ Day Celebration

Old Boys’ Day was celebrated on 22nd October 2016. Batch of 1991 got together to celebrate their silver jubilee reunion. There was an exciting Cricket match between Old Boys VS Present boys in the morning. It was loudly cheered by the audience and it was a treat to watch the boys play with a great deal of enthusiasm. The enthusiasm carried on when the Old Boys interacted with the faculty during lunch. Each visit of the Old Boys is incomplete till they visit their respective houses and they were reminiscent of their good old days. SOBA Annual General Body Meeting was held immediately to select executive members for a change in leadership.

In the evening there was a special Astachal in honour of Old Boys. An entertainment programme was organized at SMOAT by the Old Boys. The Chief Guest on this occasion was Air Vice Marshal, Shouvik Roy, VM, ACIDS ICT, HQ, IDS.

The event began with the SOBA Annual Report for 2015-16. It is worth mentioning that in all 26 Chapters are there all over the world. The gathering was appraised of their projects as Mr Gopal Bhargava relinquished the tile. Mr Bhargava recognized, appreciated an appreciated the tireless efforts of his core committee. It was announced that the new President of Central SOBA is Mr Rahul Kulshreshtha.

Air Vice Marshal Shouvik Roy (16088-T) F(P) is a Cat A2 Qualified Flying Instructor with around 10,000 hours of flying experience holding Cat/IR AMG and is an alumnus of Defence Services Staff College with a DS grading. He has held several important appointments that include Chief Flying Instructor at Basic Flying Training School, instructor at Flying Instructors’ School and Commanding Officer of South Western Air Command Communication Flight. He was the first Commanding Officer of 78 Sqn, the first Flight Refueller Aircraft Sqn of the Indian Air Force. He was appointed AOC of the prestigious Air Force Station Agra and during his tenure, he ensured timely induction of the AWACs platform and the station won the Pride of CAC award. In addition, he was instrumental in getting the C 17 aircraft inducted into the AF.

He was instrumental in setting up a Special Operations unit of the Transport fleet. He served as Air-II EAC wherein multifaceted utilisation of unused airfields, forward area of operations from ALGs and major issues pertaining to Mi17 V5 inductions in EAC were proactively handled by him for vital dividends. He has been commended by the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Air Command in January 1985 and by the Chief of the Air Staff in January 1997. He was also conferred the Presidential award of Vayu Sena Medal in January 2005 for devotion to duty and dedication of a very high order. At present, he is posted as Assistant Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (ICT), HQ IDS, Ministry of Defence with effect from 2nd March 2015.

Air Vice Marshal Shouvik Roy addressed the august gathering in the month of October and showed a video footage of daring Suryakirans and 29 aircrafts taking off simultaneously during his tenure as Air Officer Commanding, Agra. Air Vice Marshal Shouvik Roy encouraged and motivated the Scindians to join the forces and always be alert and active. His motto was that the boys must have a purpose of life which is basically to lead a life with purpose. At the end he along with his wife and son sang a melodious song.

After receiving a memento from Air Vice Marshal Shouvik Roy, Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat said that AVM Roy is a rare combination of wisdom and simplicity. Air Vice Marshal Shouvik Roy announced that a plaque would be given by his family every year to honour a promising Scindian who can prove his distinction from existence to excellence.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of SOBA Award to Dr Vikram Mathur and SOBA Cup to Mumbai Chapter. Geet Sagar, winner of X Factor, India was the star attraction for the evening as he entertained the gathering with his foot tapping numbers. It was followed by Principal’s Dinner. In all a joyous Founders Day Celebration was experienced at The Scindia School by the august gathering. The Scindia School culminated its three days long celebration of the Founder’s Day on 22nd October 2016 with the hope to carry forward the legacy with aplomb.
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Memorable Moments of 119th Founder’s Day

The school assembly was conducted in the morning on 21st October 2016 as part of Founder’s Day programme. Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat complimented the students of Grade XI and XII for their exemplary behaviour. The Chief Guest on this occasion was Mr Ayushman Hazarika, Head Boy Batch of 1991.

Mr Ayushman Hazarika felt elated to be a part of the momentous Founder’s Day. He felt honoured to represent his batch. He recalled his experience 25 years back on 21st October 1990 when he addressed a gathering. Mr Hazarika admired the selflessly dedicated Scindians who are indeed torch bearers. He motivated the boys to aspire nobly, adventure daringly and serve humbly in life. Moreover, they ought to select something which challenges them.

Dr Saraswat invited Mr Mahesh Gandhi, Mr Gopal Bhargava, Mr Neeraj Lal, Dr Vikram Mathur and Mr Harish Bhojwani along with Mr Ayushman Hazarika to release various publications such as Year Book 2015-16, German Magazine, Zeitgeist, Hindi publication, Uplabdhi, Science magazine, Nucleus, French magazine, Review, Founder’s Day Special and Qila Quotes.

Then Junior House talent display showcased the gymnastic skills of the junior students. The mass display by junior boys was a spectacular event. The programme entitled, “YES, WE CAN!” was an initiative dedicated to the entire Scindian community. It featured the spirit of Olympism. The presentation aimed to inculcate the true values of Olympism in the lives of every Scindian. There were many formations which showcased some popular games such as chariot racing, gladiators’ fight, soccer, archery etc. They made formations with perfection and were able to depict the theme in a dramatic way. The untiring efforts of the students and trainers showcased the hidden talent of the young Scindians.

It was followed by Brass Band performance which was led by Under Officer Param Yadav. The boys played soulful tunes which comprised of Sam Bahadur, Rasputin, Somewhere My Love, Bharat ke Jawan, My Favourite Thing, Takat Watan Ki Hum Se Hai, Chariots of Fire, Arjuna and Final Countdown.

Next the exhibition was thrown open for parents and guests. The parents went around admiring the sincere and diligent efforts of the students. It was followed by interaction with students in the Assembly Hall.

The much awaited evening began with the arrival of Chief Guest in the evening to witness the 119th Founder’s Day programme at Shukla Memorial Open Air Theatre. The Chief Guest on this occasion was Mr Ratan Naval Tata. It was an honour to have President Board of Governors, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia, Maharani Priyadarshini Raje Scindia, Madhav awardees and SOBA representatives attend the 119th Founder’s Day of The Scindia School.

The Chief Guest, Mr Tata was escorted to the school building by the school horse riding team led by Jagjeet Jain. The Chief Guest and the dignitaries went round the exhibitions. Upon arrival the Chief Guest was introduced to the Board of Governors, members of Sonsa village, Prefects and faculty.

The Honourable Chief Guest, Mr Ratan Naval Tata, an Indian businessman, investor, philanthropist and Chairman – Tata Trusts. He was the Chairman of Tata Group, a Mumbai-based global business conglomerate from 1991 till 2012 and continues to head its charitable trusts. Mr Tata was also Chairman of major Tata companies, including Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Power, Tata Global Beverages, Tata Chemicals, Indian Hotels and Tata Teleservices. Mr Tata is the President of the Court of the Indian Institute of Science and chairman of the Council of Management of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He also serves on the board of trustees of Cornell University and the University of Southern California. Mr Tata serves on the board of directors of Alcoa, and is also on the international advisory boards of Mitsubishi Corporation, JP Morgan Chase, Rolls-Royce, Temasek Holdings and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Mr Tata is the recipient of two of the highest civilian awards of India; Padma Bhushan (2000) and Padma Vibhushan (2008). He has also received honorary doctorates from several universities in India and overseas. He is honoured as one of the ‘Greatest Global living Indian’ by NDTV.

Mt Ratan N Tata was greeted in the traditional way by the School Brass Band. They played some melodious tunes in honour of the Chief Guest namely, Dilruba Tango, By The Rivers Of Babylon, Final Countdown and Chariots Of Fire.

At SMOAT the Chief Guest, Mr Tata paid floral tribute to the Founder, Late Maharaja Madhavrao Jayajirao Scindia and to Maharaja Madhavrao Jiwajirao Scindia II. Then the entire Scindian fraternity sang the school song.

The Members of the Choir and Orchestra Ensemble gave a melodious rendition of various ragas entitled, `Ragajazzmala’. The Ragas which featured were Yaman, Hansadhwani, Nand, Kedar and Kamod. It was a weave of diverse musical idioms within the elements of rhythm, melody and structural form. The composition was an amalgamation of different instruments and tonal forms. The theme was derived from a ‘melakarta’ of the Karnataka school, and set upon a syncopated rhythmic pulse that is the distinguishing feature of Jazz. The boys were trained by Mr Gursharan Singh.

Reading out the school annual report, the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat spoke about the accomplishments and achievements along with the initiatives of the year 2015-16. Then President Board of Governors, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia welcomed the Chief Guest, Mr Ratan Tata.

His Highness felt that education is the biggest equalizer in the world as every act is reflected in a child’s persona. The focus should be on learning outcome which is not merely based on grades but also the practical skills which a child learns. His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia believed that such learning based on experience must be cherished in the years to come. This citadel has a commanding presence in their lives. The freedom of speech and expression that have been enshrined by the founders must be governed by inquisitive and an enterprising spirit.
His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia praised the unassuming graciousness of Mr Tata and felt that it will leave an indelible impact on the minds of young and impressionable Scindians. They must develop the capability to compete globally but house the tradition within.

Mr Ratan Tata admired the great institution where seeds of leadership, adventure, entrepreneurship, ethical behaviour and values are nurtured. Mr Tata felt that the school provides a protective environment and a child’s future will depend on the seeds which have been seeded in the school. One wishes for a well-rounded development of a Scindian. Their future is based on their merit and capability. The sole aim in life is to be remembered for what a child does when he is successful in making the right decision for the right reason. They should be remembered for the difference they are able to make for the not so fortunate people. Felicitating staff and students, the chief guest shared memories of his life and expressed his happiness to see old traditions being maintained in tandem with modernization at the school.

Mr Tata gave away the annual awards to the meritorious students. The details of the awards are as follows:

The Umang Mathur Memorial Trophy for Best in Academics in Class XI for 2015-16 went to Ayush Barya of Madhav House.
The Mahendra Mishra Memorial Trophy for the Best Sportsman in Class XI for 2015-16 went to Aviral Jain of Jayappa House.
The Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia II Medal for All Round Proficiency in class XI for 2015-16 went to Arbin Das Darjee of Jayappa House.
The Sampitroda award for the Best Innovative Project ““The running Solution Walk for a better Tomorrow” for 2016-2017 went to Ayush Barya, of Madhav House and Sarthak Agarwal of Daulat House.
The R. B. Pawar Medal for scoring the Highest Percentage of marks in Mathematics in Class XII Board examination 2015-16 went to Utkarsh Kumar of Shivaji House.
The Governor’s Medal for scoring the Highest Percentage of marks in Class XII Board examination 2015-16 went to Divyaditya Singh of Jayaji House.
The Field Marshal Cariappa Shield for the Best Sportsman for 2015-16 went to Sarthak Talwar of Madhav House.
The Maharaja Jeewaji Rao Scindia Medal for All Round Proficiency in Class XII for 2015-16 went to Divyaaditya Singh of Jayaji House.
The Khurshid Lakdawala, Junior House Efficiency Shield for 2015-2016 went to Dattaji House.
The Guru Hargovind Singh (Gurdwara) Trophy for the Best House in Academics for the year 2015-2016 went to Madhav House.
The Nepal Trophy for the Best House in Games and Sports for 2015-2016 went to Jayappa House.

The General Efficiency Shield for 2015-2016 went to Jayappa House.

Mr Vishesh Sahai moderated a talk show with Mr Ratan Tata. Selected Scindians asked some mature and pertinent questions and they were answered aptly. To Yohen’s question about the kind of India he envisions Mr Tata replied that he wishes to see a county where all people are equal and not assessed on the basis of wealth or prominence.
Then Jagjeet Jain and Abhilash Dutta presented a memento to Mr Tata.

President Board of Governors, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia read out the citation for the Madhav Award. This year Madhav Award was conferred on two eminent Old Boys. Lauded in the highest ranks of leadership, the school honoured a man of incomparable valour and dignity -Lt. General Sami Khan, (Posthumous) Jayaji 1944 – 1948. Sami Khan graduated from The Scindia School in 1948. The then Principal in his commendation wrote, “Sami was one of the most popular students, a first class athlete, boxer, swimmer and one of the best riders”. He also held several school colours and as a House Prefect of Jayaji House and School Captain, he displayed ample leadership qualities. The Scindia School aspires to cultivate in every Scindian this spirit of altruism, humility, courage and sacrifice which featured in the life of Lt. General Sami Khan. The school posthumously conferred on Lieutenant General Sami Khan the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2016. It was received by his wife, Mrs LR Khan, daughter, Ms Saleema Raza and son, Mr Akbar Khan.

Mr Akbar Khan thanked the august gathering for the kind words and narrated some anecdotes from his father’s illustrious life. Lt General Sami made a huge difference in the lives of all those with whom he interacted.

The second awardee was Dr Sushil Shah, Jeevaji (1956 – 1964). The Scindia School aspires to cultivate a spirit of enterprise and sound intellect, infused with conviction and a sense of service in every Scindian. And Dr Sushil Shah’s life is an incredible timeline of these attributes, spread across all endeavours of his life. Dr Shah is the rarest of rare amalgamation of someone who has the heart of a Doctor and the mind of an Entrepreneur. Dr Sushil is the Founder and Chairman of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, which is India’s first referral laboratory with highly sophisticated infrastructure and technology. His deep commitment to social service has earned him several honours and awards including the Rashtriya Chikitshak Ratna Award by NEHRD Organization, Mumbai, Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal Award by GEPRA, Tamil Nadu and Prominent Alumnus Award by Jai Hindi College, Mumbai. The Scindia School conferred on Dr Sushil Shah the Madhav Award as an Old Boy of Eminence for the year 2016 for his exemplary business acumen coupled with deep commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and for his outstanding contribution in the medical field.

The address by the Madhav Awardee, Dr Sushil was extremely motivational. Dr Shah fondly recalled nine years spent in the school and he considered Madhav Award as the most prestigious of all the awards he has received till date. He admired and appreciated the excellent amalgamation of Indian and modern values and beliefs in the school. Dr Shah dedicated the award to his father’s perseverance and dedication in his formative years.

Finally the ceremony symbolizing the handing over of traditions of the school by the Madhav awardee, Dr Sushil to the youngest Scindian was performed. To do the honours Dr Sushil read out the message and handed over the lamp with the replica of the school flag to Gyurmee Bhutia. It was a poignant moment to witness the sight.

The grand and formal evening concluded with a vote of thanks by the Senior School Prefect, Mriganka Ghosh. The day was celebrated with fervor, zest and enthusiasm in the school. An extravaganza of activities were conducted. All activities were designed to contribute towards an all-round development of young Scindians.
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A Grand Beginning

Founders’ Day is traditionally a very important day in the school calendar when members of the school community – students, governors, staff and friends meet to commemorate those who founded the school and who have bequeathed resources to its development. The chief aim is to actively develop the ambition and potential of every student, whether it is academic or any other sphere. The school believes that a student can achieve anything with focus, perseverance and confidence. The Old Boys said unanimously that they owe their education to their founders. An atmosphere of celebration filled The Scindia School when the students and teachers gathered to celebrate the 119th Founder’s Day.

The three day event began with Parents’ Day on 20th October 2016. The Scindians escorted their respective parents and there was parent teacher interaction in the morning, wherein pertinent questions about the child’s performance in Term 1 were answered by the teachers and Deans. It was followed by open house in which candid feedback from parents was highly appreciated by the school.
The evening began with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Shrimant Her Highness Maharani Priyadarshini Raje Scindia, wife of President, Board of Governors, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia at Shukla Memorial Open Air Theatre. Before arriving at SMOAT Her Highness admired the exhibition and highly appreciated the students’ work.

The programme began with the School Song. Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat welcomed Her Highness on behalf of the entire Scindian community. Dr Saraswat expressed his appreciation and said that Her Highness Maharani Priyadarshini Raje Scindia is an icon of elegance and charm as she symbolizes beauty and grace. She carries her manifold responsibilities with aplomb.

After the formal welcome of the Chief Guest Shrimant Her Highness Maharani Priyadarshini Raje Scindia addressed the gathering. Maharani Priyadarshini Raje Scindia said that she was truly blessed to be a part of the Parents’ Day function. It was a great pleasure to be amidst the boys and be a part of the three day long festivity.

Her Highness Maharani Priyadarshini fondly recalled her memories and considered it as a warm home coming each time she visited the school as it held lots of nostalgic memories. Her Highness felt that every stone, every artefact came to life and she relished the joy she felt when she stepped inside the sprawling campus. She was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of talent be it literary, artistic or technical excellence. The exceptional mentoring by the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat and the teachers will definitely nurture a lifelong bond of an exceptional relationship. She called the Scindians as true path breakers. It was immensely gratifying to see the Scindians blossom into fine gentlemen. Her Highness wished the institution to grow from strength to strength.
Then a theatrical presentation entitled, “Tagore’’ was staged at SMOAT. It was a modern adaptation of Rabrindranath Tagore’s biopic. The musical dance drama was based on the works and life of Guru Rabindranath Tagore, a legendary poet, writer, educationist and philosopher.

The play covered major incidents of Tagore’s life from childhood to adulthood in very innovative scene sequences which included feelings of joy, sorrow, humour etc. The scenes depicted Rabindranath Tagore’s renowned creations such as ‘The Waterfall’, ‘Kabuliwala’, ‘Geetanjali’ etc. The entire presentation used a flawless combination of acting, dance and Rabindra Sangeet. It was directed by Mr. Abhinav Goyal, the Associate Director was Mr. Rrahul Raj, the Creative Head was Mr. Nikhil Raj Sharma and it was choreographed by Mr. Raj K Das. The flawless performance and perfect timing were the salient features of the play.
It was announced that Mr Gagan Khosla began his cycling expedition from Leh on 21st September 2016 and finished it today, ie 20th October 2016. The success was dedicated to The Scindia School.
The evening concluded with a vote of thanks by Deputy Senior School Prefect, Aditya Banka on this joyful occasion of Parents’ Day and everyone looked forward to the next day.
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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrated With Utmost Reverence

On 5th September 2016 after Nihari it was time for “Ganpati Sthapana” in the presence of the entire Scindian family. The ceremony began when Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat performed the aarti and soon the teachers joined in. The young students sang various bhajans and raags in praise of Lord Ganesha. There was an air of festivity as a special Aarti was dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The students gladly took the “Prasad” that was distributed immediately after the function.

On 6th September 2016 a special aarti was performed in the school premises and later in the evening Lord Ganesha was put on a pedestal and carried by the Class XII students with utmost devotion. Loud chanting of ‘Ganapatti bappa moreya, agle baras tu jaldi aa’, or alternately ‘Ganapatti bappa moreya , adha/pue laddu choriya’ filled the air. Throughout the procession from the school till the Suraj Kund the students chanted the mantras, sang songs in praise of Lord Ganesha. After the Visarjan or immersion Prasad was distributed among the students and staff. This celebration brings out the spirit of sharing and giving and binds us with the strength of the traditions in a home away from home.