Visit of NASA STEM Innovation Lab Director

Mr. Troy Cline, NASA STEM Innovation Lab Director at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center visited the school on 2nd October 2019. He had an intense discussion with the Science Department. The discussion centered on STEM projects, how the fear of failing stops kids from taking risks, careers in NASA amongst others. He also extended help and explained how the school Think Lab could collaborate with other schools through NASA Stem Innovation lab.
In the evening there was a stimulating presentation by Mr. Cline in the Assembly hall for the students. His presentation had wonderful animations of formation of auroras, lifting of spacecraft. He explained the formation of solar flares, and future programmes of NASA etc. The Q&A round had students asking questions like justifying the efforts and funds spent on space exploration, why pen is better than pencil in space, the astronomers’ belief that there are other life forms in the universe.

Exploring Three Strategic Places In Two Days

The junior house boys went for a revitalizing trip to the historically strategic town, Fatehpur Sikri in UP followed by an inevitable visit to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan and the eventful outing culminated at Crocodile Breeding Centre near Chambal River in MP.

This educational tour from 13th to 14th July 2017 delighted everyone. The boys came to know that Fatehpur Sikri is situated in the upper portion of the Vindhya mountain ranges. Babar, the founder of the Mughal Dynasty and Akbar’s grandfather, had won a battle here over Rana Sanga of Mewar. In gratitude he named the area Shukri, which means “thanks”. The city was known as Sikrigrah and built by Maharaja Sangram Singh who was the last emperor of Rajput regime. It is regarded as one of the most important buildings amongst a list of World Heritage Structures, which has been brought forward by the UNESCO.

The boys were awe struck as they saw the complex, which was made up mostly of sandstone. The palatial complex consisted of several pavilions which were arranged geometrically as per the tent formations in Arabic nations.

Next the boys got up early in the morning to visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. During the breeding season the most spectacular heronry in the region is formed by 15 species of herons, ibis, cormorants, spoonbills and storks, where in a well-flooded year over 20,000 birds nest. It was a pleasure to see cranes, swan, herons etc. The boys were accompanied by expert guides who briefed them about the topography of the place along with important inputs pertaining to birds and animals that frequent the place.

While returning the last stop was at crocodile breeding center near Chambal River. The boys showed keen interest and asked pertinent questions as they went around looking at the alligators and crocodiles. The hands-on experience held them spellbound. The adventurous two day outing was thoroughly enjoyed by the boys and the interactive sessions were enjoyed to the hilt by one and all.

Board of Governors Meeting

Committed to excellence in education, President, Board of Governors, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya M. Scindia visited The Scindia School on 9th July 2017. The Board of Governors were received by Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat along with Bursar, Wg Cdr Saxena on their arrival at the Fort.

The meeting was phased out in two segments and was chaired by His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya M. Scindia. The Board Members who attended the meeting were Mr. Rajendra S. Pawar, Mr. Mahesh Gandhi, Mr. Arun Kapur, Mr. Jyoti Sagar, Mrs. Darshana Jaini, Mr. Amar Jyoti Bindal, Mr. Harish Bhojwani, Mr. Rahul Kulshreshtha, Mr. Ravinder Saund and Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat.

The Annual General Meeting of the Governing Body of Scindia Education Society started at 11:00 a.m. and concluded at 11:30 a.m. The second session began at 11:30 a.m. and concluded by 3:30 p.m. The highlight of the meeting was the School Development Plan, wherein decisions pertaining to the development of infrastructure and recruitments were taken. After the meeting the Board of Governors went on a round of the School and reviewed the recent changes that have been brought in the infrastructure of the School.

Having spent a fruitful day in school, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya M. Scindia was given a warm send off by Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat.

Delegates from China Global Philanthropy Leaders Program

It was a very proud moment for Scindians to receive Chinese delegates for the China Global Philanthropy Leaders Program on 12th November 2016. The Delegation comprised of twenty eight CEOs and Founders of Corporate houses / Banks and NGOs.

The objective of their tour was to understand social enterprises and philanthropic initiatives in India. Their purpose of coming to The Scindia School was to understand the initiatives taken by the school pertaining to Social Service.

Upon arrival they were warmly received by Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat and staff members in front of the Assembly Hall. The School Brass Band greeted them with a melodious and synchronised performance by playing popular tunes such as By The Rivers Of Babylon, Fanfare etc.

A special assembly was organized in their honour. Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat welcomed the delegates and felt elated to share the school’s achievements with the Chinese delegation. Dr Saraswat emphasized on the school’s endeavours in instilling values for service in everyone present.

The school orchestra gave a beautiful rendition of soulful music derived from traditional folk music of North India, Raag Mishrapillu and Thumeri Ang. It was followed by a presentation on various Service Projects undertaken in the school. It gave the delegates an insight into the diligent and persistent involvement of Scindians in social service who believed in Service before Self.

It was a matter of great pride to say that 65065 hours of selfless service is rendered by the Scindians per year. The representatives of the Chinese delegation reciprocated the warmth and hospitality of the Scindians. Mr MA Weihua, Chairman, Hong Kong Wing Lung Bank Co Ltd, Former President, China Merchants Bank and Dean Wang and Dr Wang Zhenyao, President of The China Global Philanthropy Institute and Dean of The Beijing Normal University, China Philanthropy Research Institute addressed the gathering.

They were excited to be on the school and applauded the school’s efforts in combining modern education and technology. The secret of the school’s success lay in successful collaboration of community service values in tandem with modern education. They too shared the same values despite being geographically so far away. The learning process was clearly evident in various cultural and social activities conducted in the school. The Scindian spirit was highly appreciated by the delegates.

During open house some students asked pertinent questions related to the intent and purpose of their visit with specific reference to the mission of CGPI. They cited examples of promoting sustainable and attainable development through philanthropy. Dr Saraswat proudly mentioned that the boys dedicate 2-4 hours per week in engaging themselves in social service thereby they have the potential to change the face of the globe.

The Chinese delegation invited the students to be a part of collaborative work in the years to come. Dr Saraswat assured the delegates that they will get all professional support to get first-hand experience of a great nation.

Address by the head of the Delegation was extremely encouraging. Then there was a group photograph to capture the precious moment. The delegates admired and appreciated the exhibition on Community Service. After tea the delegates went on a round of the School Eco Park, Water Harvesting Taals etc and applauded the earnest efforts by the school.

After lunch they departed for a much awaited visit to the village, Nathon Ka Pura. Upon arrival at Nathon Ka Pura Village they got a feel of life in a village coupled by the untiring efforts of the Scindians in bringing about a radical change in the lives of the inhabitants. The scheduled visit was combined by a round of the village. While the delegates had tea and interacted with residents of Nathon Ka Pura Village they minutely observed the life in a village.

Later they proceeded to Usha Kiran Palace Hotel for rest. The day long visit culminated in Sound and Light Show on the Fort which gave them an insight into the remarkable history of Gwalior. The delegates felt extremely satisfied after the visit and promised to come again.
Click here to see photo album.

Visit Of Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan YSM, SM, VSM

Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan, YSM, SM, VSM visited the school on 20th September 2016. Lieutenant General Chauhan was received by Bursar. Students and staff attended a special Astachal in his honour. At the beginning he paid a floral tribute to Gandhiji. Snehil Tripathi welcomed Lieutenant General Chauhan with utmost dignity.

Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan joined the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla in the year 1976.The General Officer has also graduated from the prestigious Defence Services Staff College and National Defence College, Delhi. The Officer commanded his battalion in Operation Vijay and Commanded a Division in Kargil Sector.

A Gurkha Officer, Lieutenant General Chauhan is presently General Officer Commanding of the most potent and Elite Strike Corps of Indian Army. His meritorious and distinguished service and achievements in the Army are an inspiration to all the young Scindians.

Lieutenant General Chauhan was accompanied by his wife, Mrs Daphne Chauhan who is the Zonal President of AWWA Strike 1. Mrs Chouhan is deeply involved in the education for the disadvantaged children and child rights. Mrs Chauhan worked with the Volunteer Service in Nepal (VSN).

Befitting the occasion Arbin Das recited a Shloka and some students sang a devotional song. Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan was highly impressed by the awe inspiring infrastructure and the beautiful environment on the Fort. He hoped it will contribute to an all round development of a child.

Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan believed that the school offers each child opportunities to contribute to the betterment of the society and country. Lieutenant General Chauhan narrated two personal anecdotes and inspired the young Scindians to be brave, strong, righteous and be a leader in the true sense of the word. Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan presented a small token of love and Senior School Prefect, Mriganka Ghosh accepted it on behalf of the school.

Astachal was followed by high tea for selected staff members wherein few boys interacted with Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan over a cup of tea. Lieutenant General Chauhan was overwhelmed by the warmth exhibited by the school during his brief visit to the school.

Round Square Conference at Indian High School, Dubai

6 students along with a teacher escort went to Indian High School, Dubai to attend the International Round Square Conference. It was held from 20th to 23rd December 2015. The theme of the conference was `Leadership and Adventure’. In all 18 schools participated in this conference.
On the day of arrival, there was an ice-breaking session. Each day, a key note speaker was selected to speak on the theme and it was followed by three Barraza sessions in which the groups were shuffled. The main purpose was to ensure the participation of each and every student who was engaged in various activities and discussions. Outdoor activities were there daily post lunch. On the first day there was a 15 km long Desert Safari in Range Rover cars which was an exhilarating experience for everyone. On reaching the camp in the midst of sand dunes the students had a sumptuous meal while they listened to soulful Arabic music. On the second day Sky Trail was planned and everyone enjoyed the awe-inspiring activity. A city tour was organised on the same evening. The last outdoor activity was trekking and the boys drove 150 kms to reach a place called Fujera as there was no proper place for trekking in Dubai.
Last day’s keynote speaker was the CEO of Indian High School, Mr. Ashok Kumar, who spoke on Leadership. His talk was very interactive and motivating. As part of the closing ceremony each school presented a cultural programme. Finally the boys returned back home with lots of memories of an unforgettable experience.

Dr Bloreia’s visit

Dr Bloreia interacted with the faculty members over a cup of tea on 20 November 2015. For past 10 years he has been coming regularly to school to share his valuable knowledge and interact with the boys. This is the last of his structured visits. His interaction catered to certain issues. Dr Bloreia said that the school system is not like that of a corporate world. It takes time to build a reputation. One is not here to gain popularity rather a teacher must aim to leave footprints to be remembered till time immemorium. The compensation one gets as a teacher should not be limited to monetary gains. The returns should be tangible and intangible.

He reiterated the fact that a teacher’s actions and words are always noticed by the children as they leave an indelible impact in their minds. Hence integrity is the core word. He quoted Dr Karan Singh and said that a teacher must know the path, walk the path and only then must show the path. A teacher must be able to encourage inquisitiveness among the students for an all round development of his personality.

Some teachers asked a few pertinent questions and he answered them convincingly. At the end a token of love was given to Dr Bloreia by the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat.

Immersion Programme for Central School Principals of Bhutan

The Royal Government of Bhutan is in the process of reforming the nation’s school education system and establishing ‘Central Schools’ across several districts of Bhutan for the holistic development of children. As part of this endeavor, a delegation of seven school Principals of Bhutan accompanied by Ms. Usha Pathania of Universal Learn Today visited Scindia School from 27th August 2015 to 1st September 2015.The last day we were honored to have a visit from the Director of Education of the Royal Government of Bhutan accompanied by three officials This immersion programme would contribute towards designing a policy blueprint for school education in Bhutan.

The objectives of the visit was to develop an understanding on:

  • Leadership and management of a residential school; its vision, mission, and values; and how these are translated into the day-to-day activities at the school
  • Various challenges in managing a residential school
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Principal and Pastoral Care team of a residential school
  • The academic programme and other learning activities (sports, performing arts, visual arts) of a residential school; and how these differ from that of a day school
  • Programme for leadership of students- life-skills, health education and value education.
  • Inclusive Education for special needs children

As part of this initiative, the team interacted with the Housemasters, Deans of Departments (Academics, Sports, Activities, ICT, Student Welfare), HODs, Administrative Heads, Estate Manager, Bursar, Teachers, Residential Doctor, Controller of Examination, Career Counsellor, Special Needs counsellor, prefects, matrons, parents and subject teachers. They were very keen on learning about the best practices of the school and the challenges faced by these individuals.

They also experienced a day in the life of a Scindian student and the meal plan and arrangements. For five days the team could be found everywhere on the campus, and in all the departments- observing academics, hobbies, games fields, archery and shooting range and residential spaces.

The visit to astachal amphitheatre where the students congregate in the quietude of the setting sun after the day’s hectic schedule to meditate and introspect drew admiration from the team as with other activities of the school.

The Principals left the school, thoroughly bowled over by our school system and the serenity of the 110-acre campus. What impressed them most was the 24-hour commitment of individuals they met towards the betterment of the school.

It was a symbiotic learning experience. Our school community in return was amazed by the simplicity, humility and the enthusiasm for learning displayed by the team of Principals.



This year the Round Square cultural exchange to Florida, the everglades city was a great success. It was an incredible and a fruitful learning experience for eight Scindians who were escorted by Dr. Maitreyee Bishnoi. The students were Jai Chahar, Kushagra Patwari, Vedansh Bansal Rohan Khanna, Saumya Barjatiya, Vishnudeep Tyagi, Arya Laddha and Jai Sharma.

The team visited Saint Andrews at Boca Raton (Florida) in its first lap where they enjoyed the excellent Soccer and Baseball training in the gigantic games field sprawling over the huge campus at Saint Andrews. The boys imbibed the essence of the school in the functional classrooms, where Art, Science and Languages blended with teaching of Religion and Drama.
The team floored the Saint Andrews inmates by showing excellence in cricket which was new to them and a wonder game. The boys also showcased dancing talents in their cultural events.
The second stoppage at Lakeville, Connecticut was at Hotchkiss School and The Indian Mountain School. The schools offered an excellent glimpse of how students bloom intellectually under super guidance of dedicated teachers. It was a heaven of academic excellence without any remote control machine.
Students had great freedom to pursue academic excellence without much ado from elders.
The Scindians also enjoyed the modern classroom teaching methods at Indian Mountain School where they saw that the external cold temperatures hardly affected learning procedures inside the school.
In this Round Square journey abroad the juniors got trained at a very young age in the art of community service, they realized the importance of “our”
dedicated approach to keep our mother earth and environment clean and “we”
need to contribute in the well being of “all” through gleaming, taking care of small children at a Day School, environment cleaning and learnt about service above self. This attitude has to be developed at a very young age for a happy future.
Lastly at Boston the students were introduced to the Nazi terror in the gas chambers and its outcome, and also gathered information about the history of United States, through a historical tour of the city with Harvard University beckoning them for a bright future.

Mersin Citrus Festival

19 boys escorted by two teachers got an excellent chance to showcase their talents when they took part in Mersin Citrus Festival in Mersin, Turkey. This event was organized by Udbhav Gwalior. The host was the Mayor of Mersin. The event was from 15th November to 22ndNovember 2104.

On the first day of the festival the boys participated in a march past and then they performed a dance called” Dashavtar” in front of the Mayor. click here to see the video clip. They couldn’t perform the orchestra due to heavy rain. The next day ie on 16th November after march past on the same road they performed a dance on Hanuman Chalisa in front of a crowd of approximate strength. Again after two hours they sang a Chhatisgarhi folk song but on a smaller stage in an open area.

The students and teachers had an enriching experience being a part of a cultural fest where troupes from over 20 different countries permormed.

On 17th November only a selected few performed a folk orchestra in a school named Kuzucubelen School, Mersin and the talented Scindians were one of them. On 18th November they went sightseeing in Mersin which later culminated into shopping in a traditional market. After a very successful performance the Scindian team reached Istanbul on 19th November 2014.

The next few days were spent touring Istanbul and they visited the famous Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Dolmabahçe Palace.

Turkey tour is incomplete without enjoying the famous Bosphorus river cruise. The boys were delighted to visit the strategic point that separates Europe and Asia. After an enjoyable tour the boys reached home on 23rd November 2014 with lots of memorable memories and leaving an impact on the Turkish soil.

An Exchange Of Creative Ideas

The Scindia School Fort, heartily welcomed a team of 10 students and an escort teacher; Mrs. Uma Pawar from The FABINDIA School, Bali, Rajasthan for a 5 day long Art and Craft Exchange Programme. It was a joyous experience for the young Scindians to exchange ideas with them from 18th to 22nd February 2015.

Their short tenure was imaginatively planned as they attended art workshops on tie n dye, paper mache, wood, metal and craft work. They were trained by MrsJaimalaPatil and MrsKirti Ghosh; the art and craft teachers at the School.

The students of FABINDIA School were delighted to work with the creative Scindians and their stay in Junior School was an equally enriching experience. Overall the exchange program was extremely fruitful and enjoyable.

Jaipur Literary Festival

19 boys and a girl student along with Ms Anita Pandey and MrShamikChakravarty went to Jaipur to attend Jaipur Literary Fest from 23rd – 25th January 2015. From Nobel Laureates to local language writers, Man Booker prize winners to debut novelists, this January saw the most remarkable, witty, sensitive and brilliant congregation  of authors for five days of readings, debates and discussions at the beautiful Diggi Palace in Jaipur for the Zee Jaipur Literary Festival; the world’s largest free literary festival. Featuring live music sessions and interactive workshops, the festival provided a space to dare, dream and imagine. And in this innovative environment the Scindians set forward to explore the world of intellect.

With a line-up of around 234 authors from backgrounds ranging from international relations, history and environment, to human nature, regional literature, art, photography, Bollywood, theatre and travel, the festival covered a wide range of the literary world.

The students had a rare experience of listening to Nobel Laureate Sir. V. S.

Naipaul, British biographer Lucy-Hughes Hallett ,RamJethmalani, playwright Girish Karnad, celebrated American travel writer Paul Theroux ,Sheldon Pollock, Shashi Tharoor, Pulitzer Prize winning poet Vijay Seshadri, Narayana Murty, SudhaMurty, William Dalrymple , 2013 Man Book Prize Winner Eleanor Catton and Oscar-nominated screenplay writer and novelist HanifKureishi.  It was an honour to listen to best-selling novelist Amish Tripathi and Chetan Bhagat apart from celebrated author and translator ArshiaSattar.

The 2015 festival had a number of themes running through the various sessions and panel discussions on all the five days. There were interesting and intellectually stimulating debates and discussions on a wide variety of issues. This festival looked at writing associated with The Seven Deadly Sins, as well as continuing a second strand of the celebrated Women Uninterrupted series.

Before the event William Dalrymple, writer and co-Director of the Jaipur Literature Festival, said, “This may well be one of the strongest international lists we’ve ever fielded at Jaipur”.

The festival schedule also saw 19 new titles being launched including Masterchef India Cookbook by Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna, coffee table book “Curtain Call: Celebrating Indian Theatre” commemorating 10 years of the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, “The Front Row: Conversations on Cinema” by acclaimed film critic Anupama Chopra, poet and screenwriter Javed Akhtar’s collection of poems titled “In other words” and the 26th edition of Limca Book of records, among others.

On the second day the boys were thrilled to watch Sonam Kapoor interact with Anupama Chopra. To say that the crowd was enormous will be an understatement. The last day was filled with last minute cramming of information and attending as many sessions as possible. By the end of the three days everyone wished to come again next year!

HH Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia’s visit

President, Board of Governors, His Highness Maharaja Jyotiraditya Scindia visited the school on 27thJuly 2014 and inspected the various construction  work going on in the school. He first visited the landscaping site near SMOAT. Around 12.20 p.m. he inaugurated  the extension of the  Faculty Resource Center. He interacted with the staff over a cup of coffee at the FRC and congratulated the staff on the improvement of academic results. He also sought their enthusiastic involvement and participation in various projects and encouraged them to present a great Founder’s Day programme. He arrived at the Music Center at 12.45p.m. and  was greeted by a Welcome Song by the girls students. He  inaugurated the renovated  Music Center, which was sponsored by the Batch of 1988 and rented after the former Music teacher Mr. BN Chatterjee. The Orchestra played melodious tunes in His Highness’ shonour. Next he proceeded towards the Madhav Pavilion and Field. He last  supervised the work on the  Dining Hall Facade. Towards the end of the inspection he interacted with the staff and Class XII boys over lunch.The visit concluded around 2p.m. with a warm send off by the Scindia School fraternity.  His Highness expressed his  happiness and  satisfaction for the time he spent at the school and his interactions. He  requested the school management  team to address some of the issues brought up by the students and also a set of suggestions to increase students’ participation in the life of the school. He made several observations  regarding the infrastructure projects.

The Old Boys Mr. Ravi Saund and Mr. Prashant Gangwal visited the school on this occasion. click here to see image gallery.